By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I reached a new low and embarrassed my entire family. While in the frozen section of Walmart, I dropped to my knees and let out a horrific, agonizing scream, when I found out they were out of Strawberry Toaster Strudels. FML
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That's just a TAD extreme ya think?

more like f your family's lives


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lol, #2 please change your avatar, it violates the ugly code of this website!

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Woah O_O an evil clone.

Extreme is right. Admitting it is the first step. You know you made a fool of yourself. Don't do it again.

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I understand now. roster strudels have crack in it now.

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toaster* stupid iPod.

At least im mot the only one who does this. Except I usually curl up and cry while sucking my thumb

It is not extreme at all. Toaster Strudel make the day 100% better. Especially Strawberry.

No toaster strudels?!? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

You're actually second.

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is no one else wondering why the toaster strudels would be in the frozen section?

That's just a TAD extreme ya think?

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Hahaha that's hilarious!!!!!! but it's so not an fml more of an MLIA

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haha that's fucking funny man, i would crack up of I saw that

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I love blueberry!

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Seriously? It is a toaster pastry. Get over it, OP. Way to make an ass out of yourself, your family, and your entire generation. Next time do us all a favor and STAY HOME! YDI.

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are you ten?

thenormalguy I know you from dr cf cannon school in oshawa

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toaster strudels... you screamed for the cheap pop tarts?

I swear I saw this happening when I was at the store today...

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that's so fucked up... I mean toaster strudels? really? at least it wasn't over a candy bar

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LOL, classic American, god damn go excerIze fatty!

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I like the mixed berry ones with blue icing and wow do you weigh like alot because to be sad over food that's not there is just wrong

cheap pop tarts? you obviously never had toaster strudel.

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Actually, PopTarts fall flat next to the warm, savory Pillsbury Toaster Struedel.

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wow look at all the people replying to # 1 to get on top, guess I'm sort of doing it also

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I believe it's the other way around. (:

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the hell is wrong with you... is this more about how americans subsist on junk food?

Lose. Horrible, horrible fail.

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wow. what are. six?

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what does OP mean

the only reason u shud cry over food is if ur starving

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@122 sorry I don't devote my life to fml

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REALLY OP u r soooooo pathetic

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people of wallmart

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lol win gotta do that next time gg op

ive almost done that when they ran out of boston cream pie ones

ive almost done that when they ran out of boston cream pie ones

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i happen to be American and really where the hell do you get off generalizing us like that? what if i said all British people smell bad? or all Irish people are alcoholics? or all Chinese are nerdy? just because one person does something doesn't mean everyone else does. there a 300 million ppl in America and your gonna make a judgment like that cuz one person freaked out over a toaster strudel

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exercise... hopefully with that spelling you're not from America.

Didn't I just read this somewhere? ( besides here )

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WTF I just wanna no wat op meand

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what is ydi lol

ydi: you deserved it. and fuck strawberry, apple is better!

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@55 STOP PATRONIZiNG AMERICANS BECAUSE WERE FAT.. agrhr you've posted the same thing on like 7 FML's! Christ! Get a life you crooked toothed whore.

it means original poster

yes it's a bit dramatic. but it's strawberry! and it's not a cheap pop-tart, a pop-tart is a cheap toaster strudel.

How is this a new low? If you did that on purpose. why wasn't it hilarious?

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мать Россия :)

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o so pop tarts arnt good enough for u 

I would die if my toaster struddles were gone

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lol I just realized she's gunna be on the people of walmart website thing I can't remember what it's called lol

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This is when you know that you are fat.

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that is why I do not go to walmart

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original poster

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you suck op

op, GET THE FICK OVER IT. people like you piss me off. dunbasses

167, they seriously have Boston cream pie flavor? I am forever indebted to you. thank you so much.

I'm not sure what's worse screaming that they didn't have any or screaming because you found out they had some... ydi freak.

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LMAO #31!!! Hahaha I agree exept to the part of the generation.

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@188 only u would know

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31s a fag...

original poster. In this case, the pop tart screamer.

я ненавижу маты России.

im srry but ydi. ur just a dork

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ummm poptarts are the cheap toaster strudels idiot

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you're beautiful

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this is more of a mlia, not an fml... what were you THINKING?!? OP, ytdi.

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stay off your parents computer

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life goes on,get over it.

@203 don't you mean a pop tart is an expensive toaster strudel. great thing about weed is you can do it instead of eating sleeping or pooping

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actually pop tarts are better than those nasty crap pastries. they litterally tase like someone shat hot strawberry jam in a flakey thing (I know that sounded dumb)

nooooooooooooo. wait. do they have smores??? they do?!!! yay!!!! :3

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anyone who says YDI is a meanie. this is truly a travesty :(

german crap rofl.

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u must love toaster strudel...

the FML part is Walmart I think...

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yummy! me too

Amen this story is fucked up!

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WTF that's not an fml u saw that coming and u probably didn't even no those people at walmart. a real fml is when u get shot and it's blow ur whole finger off ,now I can't flip of people with my left hand.FML

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my little brother does that all the time lol

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# 26 wildberry is better lol

no pop tarts aren't good for anybody that's enjoyed a savory mouthwatering toaster strudel

dude that's hilarious don't get down on yourself =P

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it's not really a cheap version of something if the pop-tart came 18 years earlier. I mean technically it is but it's more like Toaster Strudel gave Pop-tarts an upgrade. I'm just saying.

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never buy toaster strudles from a place that sells tv's too

epic pastry fail

OP I think I love you x]

Sounds a lot like an MLIA not an FML got ur sites mixed up buddy?

original poster (:

us? so r u like her sister...?

37 I was going to say 7

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this is my favorite fml of all time. I love it!

1) Optimus Prime 2) Oprah's Plate 3) Om nom nom Pirates You use which ever one fits the situation better.

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31 bitchy much

are you from New York?

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Stereotyping ass. Honestly, people like you need to be educated.

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I agree... :(

Omg, you have good taste in strudels! :D

I was gonna say something close to that; "That's a little overkill don't you think?"

i could understand mixed berry, but strawberry? come on

A tad and not an iota more.

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but you did coment

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hahah oh my god .

but you replied!!! O_O hahaha

hahha very true

who moderated this one? lame

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oohhh fml I have a failed since if humor. :p

#5 I'm sure you're mistaken. You obviously have no sense if you mistaken sense for since. And it's actually of.

hahaha hilarious o ya btw FIRST

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you sound like a douchebag.

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^ this.

Screw the haters! I think you're awesome lol.

jus so you kno # 87 400 million is more than 25 miliion. so u jus proved to us tht Americans are in face more obese.

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#248 and #87- The u.s. has a population of just over 300 million. I find it hard to believe that a country can have an obesity rate of 133%. Try not to think to hard I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.

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My apologies #87 that comment wasn't for you.

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How did this get through?

more like f your family's lives

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Today while arriving in the frozen goods isle at Walmart, my fat daughter let out an earsplitting scream when she saw that there wasn't any more toaster strudels. We could see her Adams apple moving as she screamed. FML.

HAHA now THAT made me lmfao