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By dear god why - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Seattle

Today, my parents were screaming so loud about who clogged the toilet that a neighbor called the police because they thought someone was in danger. FML
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It really isn't that serious. Unclog it and move on; they need to relax :/

Plot twist: the neighbour clogged the toilet.


It really isn't that serious. Unclog it and move on; they need to relax :/

Honestly, if it were my mess, I'd have no problem unclogging a toilet butt I really wouldn't want to deal with someone else's turds!

Was that suppose to be a pun?

No, autocorrect is just a pain in the ass. Just to be clear, that's not a pun either.

shakile78 7

Someone in the house needed bowel relaxitives

incoherentrmblr 21

...And I thought the toilet seat argument was bad...

You must have a big house for them to have to yell instead of asking person to person

Or they might just be people that shout about everything.

#28, your username with this FML...hahaha.

it has no relevancy with this fml

Sounds a lot like my boyfriend. #Annoying!

If you're using 'hashtags' in normal conversation and outside of twitter, you are the annoying one. If your bf is annoying enough to yell over a toilet then you're probably better off without him.

He clogged their toilet? Do you live near the OP, or is your boyfriend a roaming shitter?


It's like nails on a chalk board...

StillUsesMyspace 22

I like how based on your username you're a mom and only have a bf. This thread is a very mature attitude example for your children to see.

cryssycakesx3 22

actually 12, they seem to be the perfect amount of annoying for each other. anyone immature enough to use "#hater" deserves relentless annoyance.

It's okay, she thinks she's an awesome mother by having a boyfriend that yells over meaningless things. She can keep him if she likes.

jojimugo 20

#30 shut up Meg

#3 There's no punctuation in hashtags.

He's the father of my child, btw it's just the internet. Stop being a lil bitch an move the fuck on!

I have a BABY! He can't read! Get the hell over it #AnnOyIngPEopleOnTHeInternetThatWantToKeepFightingOnComments!!!!!!!!!

#54 says the one who uses the word "Halla" on his profile lmao

They were just in deep shit.

I shot the wrong asshole, now I'm in deep shit!

I will never understand how people can not know how to plunge a toilet. It's a basic modern life skill like changing a tire or setting up a tower computer. But then some people are just lazy and leave that kind of stuff to others.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't think it's a question of not knowing, but rather an issue of whether person A should deal with person B's turd blockage.

I'm referring to the person who originally left it there. And all the 'I clogged the toilet' FML's in the archives.

Just a crappy situation, all the way around...

Your house sounds like my parents house! They live in redneck heaven.

sonasonic 34

OP has a very crappy life.... at least OP, you did not do it.... or did you?

If I were you id offer to unclog the toilet for your parents so they stop shouting, then explain the shitty situation to the neighbour so they stop worrying.

Plot twist: the neighbour clogged the toilet.

To cover up, the neighbour called the police thus leading to the FML....... I can see that

Law and Order SVU: Shit Vandalism Unit. We're number 1 when it comes to number 2.