By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I went to dinner with a guy I like and paid the $120 bill. After joking that he was an expensive date, he replied, "I'm laughing at how you think this is a date." FML
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I apologize on behalf of all men for the behavior of that douche.

Don't even waste your time with him then. Make sure you collect his half of the bill too.


Don't even waste your time with him then. Make sure you collect his half of the bill too.

Or collect your payment with a swift kick to the dick. That Asshat deserves it.

I read a lot of FMLs that make me wonder how the hell some people lets others get away with treating them like shit. If it were me I would have paid it and then robbed him at knife point in the parking lot.

#45 damm I did not see that coming, I like your style

no body should ever mess with #45

#45 I like how we both have the same name. :) (Sarah) Any other Sarah's? :P

Total b.s. if it's not a date, you automatically should have your pocket book out when the bill comes and insist on paying for your portion. Drive him way out, tell him there's something you want to show him and drive off when he gets out of the car. I had a friend that did that. It was so awesome!

I understand the need for revenge on a person, but intentionally putting them in a dangerous situation does not make you a better person. Yeah, it's funny to think of someone lost in the woods, cursing your name, but you could really get someone killed/raped/hurt by doing stuff like that. Not to mention if they get lost and cannot find a way back to civilization.

73, that is so true, that could be really dangerous!

Who said anything about driving them into the middle of the woods?? I didn't. Just far enough that they're going to have to cough up money for their cab ride back. Unless you're vindictive enough to drop them off in the middle of Detroit, I find it highly unlikely that they're going to get killed/raped/hurt. Maybe they'll be a little butt-hurt, but that's about it.

He's a total douchbag for letting you pay if it wasn't a "date". I'm sorry, but when he said that, you shoulda said "Okay, well then you pay for your own food!" Run and don't look back OP! He's totally not worth it... And 73, you're no fun! :(

#64 Ty for that good idea

I would have just laughed with him and been like "Oh cool! If this isn't a date then your half is $60... oh and you bought a drink, that's another $3.50.." Then put my hand out for the cash. "You don't have cash, huh? I'll drive you to the ATM".

Yeah, I would not have let the guy leave without paying for his half of the meal if this was not a date.

I apologize on behalf of all men for the behavior of that douche.

As do I. That's a shit thing to do to someone.

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The guy should pay for his half yes. Unless the girl insists. The girl should pay for her half too.

I will continue to add to the apologies. Expensive meal automatically implies date to me. If not then he should have gone cheap or offered to pay for it or his half. Exceptions do occur, for instance I have a friend who is female and we have expensive taste in food. We don't see each other except to go eat, we trade who pays, sometimes she invites an attachement, sometimes I do the same. Cases like that are fine being as they are predefined before you even walk into the restaurant. But other then that sounds like he dug his own grave early. Consider yourself lucky and be glad you aren't dating him so he can't drain your bank account.

#46: You never know; the Collective could already be amongst us. Prepare to be assimilated.

Not always. If the guy asked the girl out, then yes. And vice versa.

I'm not sorry, free food and don't have to worry about the STD. Might have said the same thing

#2 do you speak for puppies too? :p

\ 28

On the first date in Arab tradition, the guy pays for EVERYTHING. So girls, date Arabs. Pleaaaase. *sniff*

I did date an Arab man once. It was fine, I enjoyed going out with him. On the second date he brought his mother, who mocked me for ten minutes on how I was not a "proper Arab girl." The man was lovely, so was his sister who I was friends with before. But his mother was a racist bitch. Our relationship ended before it really even began, which is a shame because I did really like him.

Time to move on OP.

its not really moving on, that was their first date, though not even a dare according to him, the guy was just a complete douche bag, and let the girl pay for an expensive date and the told her it wasn't a date

What did he think it was, an expensive hangout?!

If he let you spend $120 on him then laughed, he's probably not worth it.


Sorry. He's DEFINITELY not worth it.

Tell you what OP; I'll cover drinks you cover dinner-sound like a date?

I would have said I laugh at how you think you're getting a ride home. Bye!!

What self-respecting guy lets the woman pay for his expensive dinner and have the nerve to insult her afterwards?

To be fair, we don't know that the OP is female. But I do agree with your point :)

even though I'm not certain OP is female, not every woman wants for the guy to pay. We make money too!

I don't think it was about the money. I have no qualms with a woman buying me dinner. But even if I don't like her. I would not be an asshole about it. OP should have done what #45 suggested.

At least you now know he doesn't deserve you OP.

That sucks OP, you'll find someone better!