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By  Vanessa Lucado  |  7

Everyone is talking about how they should move out, but it's not so easy these days. Don't forget that minimum wage still sucks and even with 2-3 it can be hard to support yourself. Don't forget about health insurance. The odds of you getting a job where you work enough to get it is not guaranteed. There's also the probability that at 20 they're doing some schooling or going to soon. Makes it harder.
While all of this is possible, it's incredibly difficult. Especially for someone so young and green(not energy).

By  sisoladra  |  19

And? You do remember it's their house yes?... And I assume you don't pay rent so you don't really get a say, but in all honesty what does it matter? It's not like your bringing boys home while living at your parents right?

By  cassandrastarr  |  0

well your parents own the house, they no longer have responsibility for you. you have the option to move out. beggers cant choose what they want im 26 live with people and they repect me i respect them. i cant do whatever i want, but i manage with what i have, because i dont want to live with my parents. maybe roomates, its not always fun but you at least have your own room. also, your living with people your own age not a nine yr old!!! but if you choose to live with your parents thats what you will have to deal with. your not a baby anymore youre an adult.