It burns

By speechless - 07/12/2018 11:30 - United States

Today, I have laryngitis and can’t speak at all. I went to make myself some breakfast and my mom kept asking me questions, to which I replied with nods and head shakes. She said, in a condescending voice, that I need to use my “big girl words” and will keep using her “baby voice” until I do so. FML
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Why don't you write "I can't speak" on some paper?

But if OP lives with mom, then she should know about the laryngitis by now.


Why don't you write "I can't speak" on some paper?

If it's contagious, give some to her and maybe she'll understand. I'm just kidding; don't do that. Terrible idea.

Virids 13

Laryngitis isn't very contagious. The most contagious period is when the affected person has a fever. Would be wierd if they both got laryngitis, all you'd be able to do is write and nod to eachother.

A new fact I learned today. Thanks! It would be weird if the mother caught it, too. She wouldn't have much of a "big girl" voice either. 😂

I bet that's left you feeling sore.

sparx1_1 12

A normal person would have gargled through a couple of words, written a note or done something to communicate there was an issue, rather than waiting for mom to get offended at your rude behaviour.

But if OP lives with mom, then she should know about the laryngitis by now.

sparx1_1 12

When you still lived at home did your mom feel your forehead and check to see if you were well every day? Or, did you act like an adult and tell her you weren't feeling well. Parents aren't psychic. Unless OP is a toddler, there is no reason to assume mom would automatically figure it out or be ok with the silent treatment with no explanation.

It isn’t rude to communicate non-verbally when you can’t speak. OP’s mother is a bitch.

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Chosha_FML yeah but if the mom doesn’t know then she thinks the OP is rude

Lua96 6

Maybe my brain works in weird ways, but if someone who normally talks with me suddenly only replied with gestures like nodding and head-shaking, my first guess would be "Oh, seems like they can't talk today" instead of "Oh, they suddenly decided to be rude and childish for no reason!"

Did you have an eggy-weggy or some Frooty Loopies or some other nom-nom-noms? Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl?

I totally read that as “edgy wedgie” lol

Time to put mom in a nursing home....One of those horrible ones..Not the nice clean one

If she does this sort of thing regularly, it is bullying and a form of emotional abuse if she belittles you like that a lot

So... you live.. with your mother... the woman who gave you life and nurtured you... and she is unaware that you are ill? How does that even happen?

did you not see the post from the dad who complained about taking his kid to the dr for a weeping bleeding rash on his penis.. that's how it happens.

write her a note and intensly point at it

StagGT 13

your mom's a cunt