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Today, our school started an anti-bullying policy, and we watched a video about bullying. After the video, I told a teacher about a bullying case going on that I know about. His response? "Tell someone who cares!" as he walked away, chuckling. FML
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He probably saw Bad Teacher, which raised his douchness to over 9000.


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That's the problem telling teachers about a bullying situation, it never solves the problem.

superguppy19 3

Ya but it's actually a crime now

At least your school didn't pay $4000 to have Jodee Blanco come visit.

Yea, report his ass! But leave the rest of him alone!

And they wonder why things like Columbine happen....

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People don't even read whole comment before ranting on about what it is and isn't about, then they say that person is wrong, when in reality they've just restated the unread comment, in agreement.

drewfus2 6

Kinda odd how every way that your school tells you to deal with bullying never works...

The teachers should at least ACT like they care or go to someone else who WILL do something.

Oh the teacher was very aware.. he just didn't give a shit..

Really FML?.. my comment actually needed to be removed.. It wasn't even remotely bad..

The student needs to learn to stand up for himself. Fight fire with fire. Stop being a ******* pussy.

#193 if you fight fire with fire, all you're going to do is get burned

saIty 17

He probably saw Bad Teacher, which raised his douchness to over 9000.

You don't ask people if they know that you're quoting a video everyone's seen.

being a child raised on anime its from dragon ball but a lot of people know that

If you know Dragonball, 9000 isn't shit. Vegeta alone is about 2 million

I didn't know if EVERYONES seen it, don't include people who don't give a **** either remember.

gabrielbaby 9

I didn't see it, nor did I understand.

Look at your username, before replying to my comment. I like to workout, and you love cupcakes. You judgmental bastard.

How does liking cupcakes make you a douche?

It doesn't. It makes you a judgmental bastard.

gabrielbaby 9

Neither makes either person a douche. Just because someone has a nice picture of themselves doesn't make them a douche, and neither does liking cupcakes.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

So if you know about someone getting bullied, you'd keep quiet? Kids are wanting a cry for help. It's not like everyone understands though, because it's possible to lack sympathy... And a kind heart that's rare these days. (Prepares for the thumbs down) I will admit when i say I'm very disgusted with society these days. Kids are way to god damn cocky.

#5: Nobody likes a spineless piece of shit like you.

you_freak 7

Have a cup of cement and harden the f*#k up!!

I accidentally clicked thumbs up on the comment but I meant to click thumbs down :/ that was just a straight up dumb comment #5, especially in this case

To 5 and 21: STFU because you two are morons. End of story. P.s totally agree with you 15

Nobody likes hearing about a child committing suicide either kid.....

amayasoma 19

Bullying is one of the main causes to suicide. If a kid is crying out for help we should help instead of letting them try to deal with it themselves. Not only that, we are not talking about adults here. We are talking about children that can range from elementary school to high school. I wouldn't walk away. I'd speak up.

I think it can teach the kid something. I wouldn't say I was bullied but at the least harassed in middle school. I ended up going to a high school where no one that knew me went and I was able to raise my social standing quite a bit. So basically I think I learned what normal people expect other normal people to be like and now I know how to act that way.

RockstarRN 10

Nobody likes a snitch? Nobody likes to see a child commit suicide either. I'm guessing you are a bully yourself...probably trying to make up for some "short coming" you have.

NO ONE LIKES A ******* SNITCH! end of story... If you are bullied grow some balls and man up.

jellitonoctopus 19

#5, your name matches you. Heartless.

FFS@ "I will admit when i say I'm very disgusted with society these days. Kids are way to god damn cocky." These days? What are you talking about these days? When my grandmother was a child they were just as much of douchebags as they are now. She's told me stories of how her and her friends bullied other kids. Not to mention nationwide racial lynchings were common practice. Society has ALWAYS been horrible. Kids have always been cocky. You sound so naive by saying "these days". I'm pretty sure back then there wasn't this massive nationwide awareness being constantly broadcasted via the media. We've actually made a step forward. *sigh*

This isn't the 50's-80's, #106. It's 2011, bullies are now using intimidation tactics, rumors, horrible insults, even violence. "NO ONE LIKES A ******* SNITCH! end of story... If you are bullied grow some balls and man up." Telling someone responsible, someone who actually cares or as you refer it "snitching, would stop bullying, and in the real world it would stop crimes instead of following that gansta "no snitching" crap. grow balls and man up? Like I said, bullied INTIMIDATE, spread vicious rumors, throw horrible insults, and resort to violence. Fighting back or "growing balls and man up" would result either: A) The bully would fight you back or get back to bullying you more norrible than before B) (rare cases) would actually stop. C) More people would gang up on you. Oh and BTW, be in the person being bulied's eyes and what do you see: low self-esteem, shattered self-confidence, fear, and in some cases a broken mind filled with thoughts of suicide, murdering their bullies, and self harm (cutting themselves). I am autistic, so I was an easy targe for bullies in middle school, not much of a problem now in high school. You should be suprised of how much free time I have as a teachers aide right now...

U guys take this website way too seriously lmao

If you think like that, YOU are the problem.

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Give him an atomic wedgie, a swirlie, or an Indian rug-burn. That'll teach him.

CastleHCP 1

Or an atomic Indian swirlie.

SookyTurner 4

Really? Well you learn something new every day I suppose.

It's clearly an f and he was implying that he was a f*** wit

Michael_92 20

Report him, that's not even something to joke about.

KiddNYC1O 20

Exactly. Bullying is not only traumatic for the one being bullied but also their families. I dare to say I hope that teacher gets highly disciplined if not fired...

But I Dont See Anything Wrong. If He Doesnt Care For Bullying, So Be It. According To The First Ammendment, He Has A Right To Free Speech.

Part of being a teacher is to help he kids, it is part of their training.

Michael_92 20

I would say fired. It is something that leads many kids into a bad depression.

As a private citizen, you have a right to your beliefs. But as a teacher, he is acting as an agent for the school and must adhere to and promote the school policies. The Supreme Court has ruled in several instances that there is a very definite halt to the First Amendment when it comes to schools (if you have a compulsory audience, are acting on behalf of the school, are violating school policy, etc.) Judging by the OP's post, the school policy forbids bullying (which is reasonable as bullying is now illegal in most areas). The teacher deserves to be fired. By ignoring the issue, he's condoning it, which makes him an accomplice (as far as I'm concerned). Also, don't capitalize every word; it makes you look like an idiot.

joee182 3

your stupud,hes a teacher as a teacher students are first priority. i bet youve been stalking post just to use "freedom of speech" to argue something.

This has nothing to do with free speech or not. Being a professor he's obligated by school and even state law to act upon any bullying. If they can prove he didn't talk or do anything about a crime that's being commited then I deep water for neglect and even enforcing the crime committed.

I agree except for the fact that being a teacher at a school that has a no bullying policy, he is being paid to teach and follow the rules and regulations set by the school. He has his right toi not care but he also had to hold up his part of the job and atleast tell another teacher or the principal/authority figure, after that is done, then he can continue not caring.

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Poo on his desk... Like a boss.

Lonely island reference? I think. Either way good comment

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Lol I so agree. Don't forget the heartfelt note about what a fucktard he is.