By naivemisanthrope - 07/11/2016 19:36

Today, I thought I was being a good worker by showing a mother and daughter several rooms before they settled on one. Turns out Mommy dearest only wanted a place for her brat to throw a party. The cops found alcohol, drugs, and guns. This from the people who complained about a loose chair arm. FML
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Hi, OP here. I thought this was pretty straightforward, but since at less 111 people so far say otherwise. . . I work at a hotel. (Why would I be showing rooms of a house, much less mine?) We were slammed because of some game, and I was working 3-11, the busiest shift. This woman and her daughter came in, had a reservation for a double. They wanted to inspect the room first. I was busy, so I gave them a key and said I'd be by to check on them in 5 minutes. When I got to the room, they said they didn't like it. So I took them to pretty damn near every unoccupied double on the property, except the one already reserved for a regular. I did this because I had been told my customer service needs work. (And it does. I hate people. Hence the Misanthrope' part of my name.) So after finding something wrong with every room, they decided that they would go for the first room. Then, after I got them checked in, they came down an hour later to complain about a loose arm on the desk chair and asked to take a second look at another room. I practiced my robot-assassin smile and obliged. They decided not to move. I figured they would cause trouble, but the "this place is terrible, I want my money back, here's a bad review" trouble. Imagine my surprise when I showed up the next afternoon to learn that there had been a party, a fight, and a stabbing. The mother had rented her daughter a room for a party, and there was all kinds of illegal shit going on. A bunch of middle-class kids decided to play Fallout Raiders, I suppose. And the topper? They were locals. My hotel charges a steep deposit to locals to prevent just this. The mom had a fake ID from Florida, which means she knew about the policy and wanted to get around it. And this was after signing the paperwork with NO PARTIES in all caps, underlined, with the threat of fees and police. I had always thought the deposit policy was unfair--still do. But I see how it came to be. So, Ms. Cool Mom and Miss Brat wasted my time, wrecked a room, got fined, drove the deposit up even higher, and are facing legal charges. My only consolation is that they're worse off than I am. Every time I think I've encountered the worst of humanity, they surprise me (hence the 'naive' moniker). Oh, and the chair arm was never apprehended.

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Gotta admit, I'd rather find drugs in my room than a lose chair arm.

This story is confusing


Gotta admit, I'd rather find drugs in my room than a lose chair arm.

You got a few wires loose in your brain. Check into rehab before it's too late.

hey buddy ever heard of a joke?

No, he needs to losen up.

Drugs would help with that.

I'm wondering what they would do with guns in a room though...

Russian roulette

Russian roulette ; a man's sport. With a bullet called life -- system of a down

Wow that sounds like a bad mother

What a miserable bunch. Hope they end up in jail for this.

nonsensical 26

Just out of curiosity, what kind of room was it? It wasn't one in your house, right?

This story is confusing

I thought so too!

Was this at a hotel or an apartment?

You left me hanging! Did the cops find the loose chair arm and bring it into custody?

awildwhisper 30

I don't understand how she would think this is appropriate. I guess she didn't feel like cleaning and didn't have money for maids, so trashing a hotel room was her best idea -_-

the hotel industry can be a bitch