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Today, my class and I were discussing our country's relationship with other countries. One person stated that the French have never done anything for us. A classmate took that moment to chime in and ask, "I thought the French gave us that giant statue of the Mona Lisa?" He was dead serious. FML
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crazymentalblond tells us more.

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OP here, when the second classmate made his announcement, everyone went silent (I swear crickets were chirping). He went into a ramble that sounded oddly like "the statue we got it in 1962." It took us all a few minutes to stifle our laughter to correct him. After that, yes someone did inform the first guy he was indeed wrong and told him several reasons why. At least it was a good way to kick off a what was slowly becoming a boring day. And yes I focused on the second guy a little bit more because I myself suck at history so I couldn't judge the first classmate too much. Especially when my previous schools skimmed over a lot of American history. If it wasn't for the books my mom showed me that she had on American history I wouldn't know much other than the basics. The education system I'm in really sucks.

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They only gave the US their liberty, nothing much really

The French also sent troops to help us in our campaign for independence during the revolutionary war. They have done quite a bit for us.


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Pretty much! Our education system needs a reboot.

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No, I'm pretty sure France gave that to China...

I thought France gave us the French Fries and the French omelette LOL

#Murica Producing people who voted Trump

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Can you not? It doesn't matter who people voted for. That's the type of attitude that tears this country apart. People bashing Hilary voters and then those voters turn around and bash Trump voters. Who cares who voted for who. It's not like the people just up and changed when they voted for the new President. Stop being so judgemental. It isn't cute and gets you no where. How would you feel if someone said this is FML, the person who thought French gave us the Mona Lisa, was the product of you?

They only gave the US their liberty, nothing much really

I'm pretty sure it wasn't Libertas in that tiny frame I saw at the Louvre.

As a French person it's always so weird to hear other countries talking about us but i didn't expect that ?

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If it makes you feel any better, most Americans know that without French support, we wouldn't even exist! So thank you, France ;)

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We Americans feel the same way (sometimes) in foreign countries. But yes the French have done a lot for us. Even recently.

Again, why is France supposed to do something for your country??

I'm sorry but allied countries do tend to help each other out. Also America would not have won the revolutionary war without the aid of Lafayette, a French general.

Not to mention they blockaded Williamsburg so Cornwallis couldn't escape forcing them to surrender

The French also sent troops to help us in our campaign for independence during the revolutionary war. They have done quite a bit for us.

Let's be honest here, they did more than that. France practically fought the entire war for you.

Honestly though, no they didn't. They had an important role and fought the major battle for liberty. But Americans fought tons of battles without the French.

They didn't fight the war for us... but we would've 100% lost it without our support.

I will concede. Estimates say that the French provided up to 90% of arms as well as a plethora of grants and maritime assistance. The reason was motivated in part to get revenge on the British.

As well as pratically donated a third of the US territory after that

#31, Different regime than the one that helped us in the Revolutionary War. Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana Purchase for around $11.25 million (and some cancelled debts), for a total of around $15 million . He decided to sell due to threatened war with Britain and the inability to be able to defend New Orleans (Spain delayed in transferring Florida to France and Haiti had rebelled successfully). The US representatives were offering $10 million for New Orleans alone, and accepted the expanded offer.

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Face, meet palm. Also, this sort of ignorance is what got Trump elected.

That is a very broad statement and is highly ignorant. If you want to insult the president elect, at least insult with substance.

It's quite accurate to suggest that pandering to the less educated got him elected. He told them what he wanted to hear, and they didn't have the sense to really think about what he said. I don't get why people want an "outsider" as president. It's one thing for an outsider to be mayor or a city council member. But not president. I mean, would you want someone who doesn't know what s/he's doing to perform surgery on you, or would you want an experienced surgeon who knows what s/he's doing? When it comes to being president, I want someone who knows what s/he's doing and knows the right people to help keep this country going. I want someone who can engage in tricky negotiations with adversarial nations. I want someone a hell of a lot smarter than I to be president. And when there's a tragedy, I want someone who knows how to unite the nation and lift them up. Barack Obama was and is that person. Donald Trump is not.

Let's stop acting like everyone who voted for Trump is an ignorant, uneducated, hateful ****. Granted, a lot of them are, but there are also a lot of people who voted for Trump who didn't like Trump at all. They just thought Clinton was worse. My mother has a master's degree and has studied French and history and she voted for Trump, again, not because she liked him, but because she decided he was the lesser of two evils. I'm a registered Republican and I would have voted for the Democrat nominee if it had been anyone but Clinton. I voted for Gary Johnson instead. As for the surgeon analogy, it's more like a choice between someone who has never been trained in surgery, and someone who has a reputation for stealing kidneys and selling them on the black market. Both choices are wrong, so you can't make assumptions about people because they made the "more wrong" choice.

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32, I don't know why you're getting thumbed down. Maybe you're just making too much sense and a little too civil for this site. But I agree, Trump got elected on a huge part due to a poor choice of an opponent. Trump didn't turn out any more voters than Mitt Romney, and Clinton turned out far fewer than those who voted for Pres. Obama. Had anyone else run against Trump, we would have a different president-elect. (And I voted for Johnson too. Third party all the way).

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I should've known politics would worm its way into this.

Right now, politics worms its way into just about everything. I just escaped from a very heated English class.

Obama wasnt any huge part of politics before he was elected and please tell me how he helped unite anyone. more race riots them bush, backed thugs and shit on police that defended themselves, gave our enemy billions, destabilized the middle East more and spent like money grew on trees. now people are paying more for worse health insurance as well. trump wasn't my first pick but I'll take my chances with him then get what Clinton promised.

they have also given the world some of the best food! also, I never really thought of the statue of liberty's facial expression being similar to that of the Mona Lisa until now. . .

There's a bunch of memes going around mis naming stuff... one of them called it the Statue of Mona Lisa. Kid was probably confused by that.