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  RJB  |  0

1st: YDI it for dating a Douchebag. Singular not plural
2nd: If your gonna be a troll dont spell wrong like an idiot
3rd: Most Trolls have something funny to say like Rasputia(sp?) or the ClayAiken Guy
The whole point of a troll is to be funny or say something totally off-topic.
Therefore you FAIL as a Troll yet you WIN as an idiot.


How ironic. In telling him to use correct spelling, you used "your" instead of "you're". "If you are going to be a troll..." would be correct, so "your" obviously wouldn't work. Check yourself before correcting others,

  stupidpplsuck  |  33

You know, they say when a person doesn't have a valid argument or point they start correcting the other persons grammar and spelling. And from what I've seen it seems to be very true.

  stereopump  |  0

I know, right? If he was serious he would have sent her a piece of flair saying that.

YDI for still using facebook, Myspace is this new social networking site that's all the rage today.

By  zeal  |  0

How do you know he really was proposing to you? Those bumper stickers are normally meant as jokes. If he wasn't joking, I certainly hope you said no. Get a man who can give you a real marriage proposal.