By mylifesucks - 30/08/2009 16:40 - United States

Today, my boyfriend proposed to me by sending me a Bumper Sticker on Facebook that said "Bitch, let's get married". FML
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suaveneanderthal 0

Send him one that says "Bitch, get me a ring."

Haha, he's a keeper!


Haha, he's a keeper!

i did that once, but just for fun :)

YDI for dating deuche bags


1st: YDI it for dating a Douchebag. Singular not plural 2nd: If your gonna be a troll dont spell wrong like an idiot 3rd: Most Trolls have something funny to say like Rasputia(sp?) or the ClayAiken Guy The whole point of a troll is to be funny or say something totally off-topic. Therefore you FAIL as a Troll yet you WIN as an idiot.

Don't correct people on their spelling when you can't spell "you're" properly. Also, "Dont spell wrong" makes no sense, you fail at grammar as well.

YDI for not having a sense of humor

Ditto with #74. If you're gonna hack someone on spelling/grammar, at least make sure your own is correct... The irony is amusing, at any rate.

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alliemi 0

#69 is retarded for thinking that it was a troll. Do you even know what trolling is?

Btw that Clay Aiken guy is so NOT funny

50 could easily be a troll. I think he is.

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LOL.What did u say?

How ironic. In telling him to use correct spelling, you used "your" instead of "you're". "If you are going to be a troll..." would be correct, so "your" obviously wouldn't work. Check yourself before correcting others,

For all the Nazi grammar trolls, it's don't not dont

You know, they say when a person doesn't have a valid argument or point they start correcting the other persons grammar and spelling. And from what I've seen it seems to be very true.

I don't see how saying "YDI for dating douche bags" is anywhere close to being a troll, but alright.

Yes I highly doubt someone would do it out of seriousness

agreed! This totally sounds like something i'd do

gentrysu 10

Not to mention it's don't, not dont.

gentrysu 10

Blah blah!

Jmido 0

Doubt he was serious.

I know, right? If he was serious he would have sent her a piece of flair saying that. YDI for still using facebook, Myspace is this new social networking site that's all the rage today.

greenltrn2003 0

I think you have it backwards...myspace was out before facebook

he propaby was not serious... OP is 11 years old.. check her profile

suaveneanderthal 0

Send him one that says "Bitch, get me a ring."

#3 FTW! And also, that sucks... at least you'll be getting married, right? Unless you said no..... :|

hahahaha, love it.

Do this. Definitely do this.

thewonkits 0

I think being unique should be valued more than money. "I spent $9000 on a rock attached to a tiny metal ring!" "I sent my girl friend a bumper sticker on facebook. It said 'Bitch, let's get married.'" Originality credit goes to the second one. And who knows? It's entirely possible that this guy cares just as much as the typical married shlump, and just wanted to convey that in a hardcore interesting manner.

Gotta agree with pasiphae9 husband proposed at a completely random time without a ring. I didn't mind it at all and said yes. A couple months later he surprised me with a ring. But if he had proposed over the internet in any way, shape or form, I would have said no and told him to ask me again in person. Maybe it's just me, but I'd like to look the person in the eyes when they ask me if I want to spend the rest of my life with them.

bs4bs bumper sticker 4 bumber sticker OR BS 4 BS ;)

the_stereotype 0

haha. that's awesome!

Not necessarily. For all my husband knew I never wanted to get married and we never talked about the possibility...he proposed anyway and I said yes. We've been married for 2 years now so I'd consider us a "serious couple"...

haha thats what i would say. and demand choclate and a pet ninja.

#3 totally agree lmao!!

#117 has the right idea.

tinklovr_23 8


roflmaool ha made my day

catharsis5 9

"and it better be at least 3 carats."

and you said....?

PterodactylMan 23

Hopefully Yes or it's a waste of a bumper sticker

You gotta be fucking shitting me.


yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!!!

yeah...... pride and prejudice....

MiMiK_fml 0

Wow! how..........creative

Wow, if you're one of those people who wants a sign as to whether or not being with your boyfriend is really right, well I think you just got that sign.

renaet 0

How romantic!

How do you know he really was proposing to you? Those bumper stickers are normally meant as jokes. If he wasn't joking, I certainly hope you said no. Get a man who can give you a real marriage proposal.

I'm guessing either she asked him OR when she thought it was a joke and just brushed it off, he later asked her what her answer is.