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Today, my son threw the biggest fit in history about going to the dentist. He broke a whole stack of plates, overflowed the bathtub, let the dog loose, and kicked his father when he tried to calm him down. My son is 17. FML
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BubbleGrunge 18

Sounds like someone still needs his ass whooped! I understand he's 17, but if you want to act like a child than you should be treated like a child!


#1 is right ,a brat . must have to do with his upbringing

This is why I promote spanking, and punishment.

Lindahhxd 7

Next time he asks you to do something, throw a tantrum and show how humiliating it is to be in your position.

wlddog 14

My dad would have straight up punch me and I wouldn't blame him. Someone did not get spanked enough as a child, but since he wants to behave like a child maybe you should punish him like one.

Epikouros 31

Yeah, if he's going to the dentist anyway, you might just as well punch a few teeth out.

Even though its most likely her paying for it, I think it might be worth it. In this case OP, go for it.

**** that "child abuse" shit people are tossing around now; just spank his ass until the shit is red as an orchard apple. He has to learn somehow. Better that than having the "real world" hit him in the ass...

Capital punishment's the only solution here. :P (I am joking by the way, before you thumb me into oblivion.)

tjv3 10

YDI for letting him do all that. I would have thrown him outside and locked the door

Funny how parenting doesn't start when they are 17...

BubbleGrunge 18

Sounds like someone still needs his ass whooped! I understand he's 17, but if you want to act like a child than you should be treated like a child!

redhedsaysrawr 18

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I have Aspergers, and I am nowhere near as bad as that.

BubbleGrunge 18

I believe if the child has any sort of behavioral issues, OP would be understanding and would know how to handle the situation. My brother has bi-polar disorder, on top of schizophrenia, and never behaved that way. Yes, ever disorder affects people differently, however, the FML makes the kid out to be a brat, not a behavioral challenged child who is having a melt down.

skyeyez9 24

My good friend is bi-polar. You would never know it unless he told you. Of course he is on medication for it. But when he has one of his episodes, he "shuts out the world" gets very depressed, quiet and doesn't leave his house. He isn't violent. He just gets into this extreme depression and difficult to shake out of it.

I am that exact same way. I was diagnosed with depression by my family doctor after he talked to a theropist he suggested I go to, but now at college, the head of the counseling center feels I may have cyclothimia. or something like that. it is a more mild form of bi polar disorder where you do not get the extreme states of manic happiness, but still get depressed. I can go through a day fine, but when I get sad, I get SAD! I have told people that the best thing to do for me personally is to come talk to me, sometimes its just nice to know soneone cares, or even notices you are upset because I usually skew things in my head so I can tell myselr I am ignored when in those states. but, if they do ask you too leave, listen, if I don't want to vent, I just want to be alone. like you said, everyone is different, but maybe he feels the same way. I am a totally different person when I get upset, and conditions like that need to be considered before you judge someone

I have Aspbergers and bi polor disorder, and have not acted like that in 12 years. Sometimes a good behaviour modification is very useful. I really hate when people assume that all autistic people act out. With the right treatment, anyone can behave. There are many available treatments, that can work to modify the violent tendencies. I will get off my soapbox now.

Aspie here too, and I haven't acted like that since I was a youngin'. You'd think if there was an underlying problem, there would have been many more signs before this.

lexxiii 17

I have severe anxiety to the point where I go into panic attacks. Sometimes in severe cases I will scream to let off steam, but I've never destroyed any object in the house. This kid sounds just downright undisciplined. How did he get away with all of these things anyhow? He should have been punished after the first thing he did.

9,18,21,30,39,103,139 Or... Maybe he just a spoiled brat that needs his ass whooped!

mangoboy1 19

This is the parent's fault I think

But you know, "ass-whoopings" are considered as child abuse, at least where I live.

Demonyx 6

so, from what i understand, you whoop children's asses?

9, if the child had Aspergers or bipolar I feel that op would have mentioned that. The kid is probably a spoiled brat that doesn't receive any discipline.

Exactly 2! My 24 year old brother got back handed by my mom the other day because he called her a moron. My brother and I both were disciplined and we became stronger.

209- No one said anything about "beating" him, he's 17 first off and a good old fashion spanking would work just fine! I mean he kicked his father for ****'s sake! That's what's wrong with kids today, I got spanked many times and I'm not ****** up in the head from it!

#2 did... I got many a "ass whooping" when I was a child ... As did my brothers who have the most vile tempers, along with my self I'm 17 how ever my brothers being 14 and twelve do kick off like that mainly due to the anger related problems that they have with the exception to the kicking the father part if my brothers dad was to spank him my 14 year old brother would kick his ass but I don't think many children were abused as much as my brother and I were... Ofc there's some one worse off always is but with beatings come hard ass children with ****** up problems lol

BubbleGrunge 18

I think I need to clarify something; spanning and beating a child are two different things. My mama always told us she was going to beat us but it was used as a figure of speech. Spanking IS NOT ABUSE! Leaving marks, making your child bleed or having them so terrified to make a mistake because of the wrath of a parent IS abuse. It doesn't always have to be physical abuse either; emotional and mental abuse is the most detrimental abuse a child can endure. Emotional and mental abuse is also the hardest abuse to prove happened. However, spanning and discipline is not abuse, it is teaching a child right from wrong.

He's going to have a wonderful life when he has his own responsibilities...

I REALLY hope you punished him. Severely.

TheDrifter 23

Some age like fine wine, others age more like milk.

I wonder what OPs son does when he doesn't get the toy he wants.

If he insists on acting like a child, he can he spanked like one too.

Maybe your son needs a different kind of doctor. Like one for his retardation...

Yes, op's child MUST be developmentally challenged. That must be it.

HAs he got mental problems or something? Or bad past experiences with the dentist that traumatised him? Maybe there is more to this FML. Or maybe he is an immature little twatbag.

I think he is just a child at heart… oh, wait… that's most men

Actually 87, I believe that most people not just men. Everyone loves something that makes and keeps them young. Also, I wouldn't say this makes him a "child at heart'. This makes him a brat who's parents apparently didn't give enough slaps when he was growing up. This wouldn't even be understandable if he had a fear just say "I'm scared", no need to break stuff!

Even if there was some past trauma it doesn't mean physical violence is acceptable. There are other, more mature ways to deal with it. And if he had some kind of mental problem OP probably would know how to deal with it. I'll assume he is just an immature brat that needs a spanking and corner time and grounding.

Hide the Xbox, take his keys, no fun for him for a while

Did anyone consider that he may have previously had an undesirable experience with the dentist? Maybe not all the tools went in the patients mouth...