Go to jail, donut pass go

By Golden~ - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I found out that the school principal takes all the money from the school fund raisers to buy herself donuts. I'd donated over $100. FML
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I always wondered why schools say they need more money -_-

cherrybitches 6

report her


I always wondered why schools say they need more money -_-

daysgoby902 6

I know right

Now she can afford extra filling, and sprinkles. Woo hoo.

Donut recession

MizzErikaHart 8

mind ur business op. that's y ur mad.

Smart man. Stuff for the school would be smarter though.

you probably eat the donuts as well.

It's only theft if they can find what she stole and I'm pretty sure they are gone by now.

They actually do it so when it comes time for your class senior prom they have enough money to make the prom how ever the seniors want it to be...

simply_improper 1

thats alotta feakin donuts.

104- Because that's the police academy.

Are you sure your School Cop isn't in on this?

at 25¢ a piece she would have... THUNDER THIGHS!!!

lolzforfun228 3

Is this like, fraud? Or in other words, illegal?

manMadeFAIL 7

fat ass principle.... next she will get twinkies! lol jk but tat suks report her to the school board!

keep donating till she dies of diabetes. selfish fat bitch :)

LexxyLiime 0

I bet shes a fattie.

LexxyLiime 0

By the way, how did you find this out? o.o

LexxyLiime 0

That the principal used the money for donuts I mean. Gaaaahhh, sorry for the mini-spam of comments.

a_nutritionist 10

suing her is only an option if youre a fucktard. as for getting her in trouble, i am betting the money is being used and then replaced, ie they borrowed some money out of the donations because they didnt have it on them and then replaced it. but assuming whats said is true, reporting them would work because they would have accurate records of how much has been donated, which would not add up in their audit.

yes she it was fund raiser money as in like charity money

doglover100 28

My sister's soccer team had raised a ton of money for new equipment. Months passed, money was gone from the bank account but they had no new uniforms or equipment. The high school usually favors boy sports over girl sports.

I'm sure you won't be DONUTING any more money...

cherrybitches 6

report her

johnson94 5

you are making a fat ass very happy! be proud of yourself

thats a lot of donuts

katiek69 0

mahkymahk... your hott

SmittyJA24 26

Seriously. If you've got iron-clad evidence, go to the school board with it. And, if the school board does nothing, go to your local DA. I'd fuck with that fat donut-eating bitch of a school principal 'til she was gone.

This is a case the police will actually go for! think of the rewards :D

CrumbledCookies 0

Well, that's school principal's for ya. Our's spends it on taking himself and his stupid office people out to eat at fancy restaurants. File charges.

must be one FAT person. thats a shit load of donuts just from ur 100$!

iAmScrubs 19

He or She's obviously doing it to make a massive edible playground made out of donuts. This way, there is a soft landing pad. Props to the principal for thinking about safety.

And to think I was worried that the principal was stealing...

Lol, if only they were true. :-D

Heh heh, of course she'd do that. But that'd give her an excuse to stay "on patrol to make sure no one gets hurt", and eat while watching. And no, guys, I have no proof of this, whatsoever. No one donates to our fundraisers now. ~OP

Wow no more donations for her!

She totally conned you......

This is why you never donate anything to anyone whatsoever.

doughnuts huh. did she used to be a police officer?

Are you stupid?

HyundaiOwner7 0

I think he is.

BigNik 0


i laughed hahaha

you can report her for embezzling school's fund

GreenMaze 0

you should report her to your principal. Oh wait,NVM.

I must say very nice use of word, shocks me to know other people know some vocabulary

imbordsoimhere 0

WTF does embezzling mean?

if your gonna embezzle money my god at least get something fun and cool ... fatty

perdix 29

Must be a shitty school where they don't teach you how to spell "principle." Your principle has no principals.

haha I didn't even notice that. Maybe my principal buys donuts!

diostah 0

Actually, principal is the correct spelling for the head of a school. While principle is the term having to do with morality.

#10 is wrong... Principal is either a noun or an adjective, but both uses have very similar meaning. Principle is simply a noun. Principal (noun): the most important person in an organisation. Principal (adjective): the first in importance, rank, value, etc. Principle (noun): a standard or a rule.

RedPillSucks 31

mods probably changed it... While we're at it, isn't it "doughnuts" or is "donuts" another americanism

Oh i see i thought #10 was saying le was the correct spelling.

#10, you're a dumbass. If you're going to try and lecture other people on their spelling you should run a spellcheck on yourself first. The OP was correct in the spelling of "principal". Way to fail at life. So much for you feeling smart for the day. . .

#10 epic fail

YourMomsFml 0

damn grammar nazis

didn't anyone ever teach you the trick to spelling principle and principal? 'the principal is your PAL.' clearly the principal ISN'T your pal here, but that's still how you spell it.

perdix 29

When I wrote my comment, it was spelled "principle." I wish the mods would leave an annotation like "Spelling corrected at 10:52am" so we early commenters don't look like fools.

#10 didn't fail. The original post used "principle" instead of "principal".

BigNik 0

#10 what an idiot. try to correct someone, and make yourself look like a jackass. you must be a politician. or a cop.

BigNik 0

and #111, you're an idiot too.

YourMomsFml 0

you all fail

randomchickkk 0

just leave BigNik.

Number 10, OP had it right... you got it wrong. Grammar nazi fail.

Epic fail. She did spell it correctly, her school 'principal' embezzles money because she has poor 'principles'. You my friend, are an idiot.

Jezebelvicious 0

Actually, OP is correct and you are wrong!

shayla27 0

its always nice when you try to correct someone and you are actually the one who is wrong ;)

ilovecats15 1

you're an idiot