By Anonymous - 19/6/2021 08:01

Get that pup out of there!

Today, my girlfriend is so stubborn, she refuses to admit she hates the dog she insisted she had to have 6 months ago. I also hate dogs, so I told her everything dog-related was her problem, especially the pee/poop. Everyone knows she hates the dog but she still refuses to rehome it. FML
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By  Katelyn Smith  |  3

If you both hate dogs, then why the hell did you get one

By  Katelyn Smith  |  3

If you both hate dogs, then why the hell did you get one

By  hope jm  |  5

PLEASE please please rehome that poor innocent baby. the dog deserves a home with someone that will give it tons of love. They're not stupid, they know they're not wanted or loved and that can be hell on them emotionally. just do it when she's not home. PLEASE!

By  Chazzster  |  21

Note that girlfriend (or anyone else) doesn’t have to actually hate the dog to not be a good caregiver for the animal. Sometimes people get a pet thinking just of the positive and cute things they expect and then they learn that they are not cut out to be a caregiver - especially for an untrained puppy. That doesn’t make them a bad person, just not a good pet owner.

Instead of phrasing it to girlfriend that she “hates” the dog she thought she wanted, be more neutral and say that dog ownership is just not working out for the two of you and you need to find a new home for the dog.

By the way, if the two of you are not ready for a puppy - You are sure not ready for a child anytime soon. This may be the thing that girlfriend doesn’t actually want to admit to. Many couples get a puppy as practice for eventually having a child. But not everyone is cut out to be parents (human or pet).

  xxlk4xx  |  5

100% agree with this! I have 4 kids who are loved and taken care of, but I'm NOT a good pet owner, I've tried in the past and it's just not for us so we are a pet free family! I'd rather a pet go to someone who can really give them the life they deserve

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

People like you and your girlfriend disgust me. You both dislike dogs (which says something to me right away), yet you get one? I'm sure the poor thing isn't happy with you two, either. I can only imagine how it's being mistreated. You both need to grow up and find the dog a proper home with someone who will actually give a damn about it.