By Anonymous - 6/11/2019 02:30

Family coincidence

Today with a DNA test, I found out that my husband is my half brother. 30 years ago his father made a donation to the sperm bank my mother used, and I’m the result. To make matters worse, I’m pregnant. FML
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By  mekiswrite  |  19

Certain DNA testing companies can't differentiate between siblings and other relatives. It could just be that it's saying brother due to the amount of shared DNA when it could be that you're not actually that closely related.

By  LostSoul  |  19

Get genetic testing for any and all genetic diseases and go from there. Do not tell anyone other than your husband and doctor. Setting your kid up for hell.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  28

You should consult a doctor about the medical ramifications, and a lawyer about the legality of being married to your half brother. Unless you're happy being a real-life Lannister.

By  lj2000  |  4

This is the fakest shit I’ve seen on here in a while they keep track of that shit at a sperm bank they don’t just close their eyes and pick a vial like at olivwanders

By  coius  |  12

Recent studies have shown that it takes generations of inbreeding before most aberations show up. Look at the royal familes of Europe. The Duke chin is an example, same for hemophilia. The chances of your kid getting an inbreeding-related illness is pretty slim if its only one generation. Keep in mind, inbreeding was such a big problem that world war I was literally a family fued as every royal member that was marrying, was marrying 1st Cousins which resulted in family members pulled into a pointless war.
The kids isnt going to magically have 12 toes, goat hooves, horns and messed up skulls from this. Now if you have another kid (opposite gender then 1st) and THEY copulate, well then, that *may* be rolling the dice at that point.