By JustEwww - 22/10/2009 21:24 - Australia

Today, I played with the white dust on the counter at work for the last time. After a couple of weeks of arriving to a thin coating of dust over the counter, and drawing in it, piling it up and other such fun things, I met the guy who now does the earlier shift. He has a huge, dandruffy beard. FML
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perdix 29

Good thing you didn't play with the white dust on the floor by the urinal.

dul_fml 2

Goldmember wouldn't have wasted such perfect skin. EAT IT


happyemokid8181 0

Ewwwwwwwwwww.... I lost the game..... :p

Augh, I lost the game now, too! Don't you hate it when random things make you remember, and lose, the game?

happyemokid8181 0

LOL I know... I saw played and was like noooooo! I was wondering who would realize what game i was talking about...

noo!!! i was going to win the game, and say i lost the game on my death bed!! fuck!

lmaoatyourlife 0

Hahaha thats excellent, i have now also lost the game.

Sorry guys but the Game is finished. A /b/ combo broke it.

Haha, I was expecting it to be asbestos and you saying your now in the hospital.

i've never seen dandruff look like "dust"

laurr_rawrs 0

well you must only be surrounded by impeccably conditioned people. I've seen some dusty looking dandruff in my day. people have to learn to utilize shampoo/conditioner.

Unfortunately for me, I have had some situations with getting really bad dandruff, and it can easily be mistaken for dust particles.

Well, since dust is made of dead skin particles and other assorted crap, it usually does look dust-like.

This is only an FML if you weren't in the habit of washing your hands before lunch. If you weren't, FYL for eating someone's dead skin. No one likes a cannibal.

XanimalloverX 0

I thought that this was going to be about drugs. The dusting of thin white powder instantly made me think drugs

Dandruff is dead skin. Dust is dead skin. What's the problem?

My thoughts exactly

What did you think dust is made of? =/

kitcat66674 0

thats gross man!!

So you have no problem whatsoever playing with mystery dust, but as soon as you discover it's some other guy's dandruff, you get all squicked out?

halfway through reading this, i was expecting it to be coke. i'm disappointed. X(