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By ehcanadianeh - 13/12/2015 20:04 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I found $20 under my car seat, so I put it in the cup holder, only for it to fly out of the window while going down the highway. FML
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I usually keep my windows up on the highway cause loose things tend to blow out.


How is it someone else's lucky day? It's in the middle of some busy ass highway like who the hell is going to run out in the middle of it for $20

I'm here thinking why OP was searching under their car seat while driving on a freeway.

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#45 could end up on someone's windshield and get stuck there till they take it off

45 you really think the wind only works on the road? Really?

47, the wording is off but i think either he found it while stopped and put it there before he drove on the highway or was looking for something else and didnt take his eyes off the road then found it. Either or.

Sounds like that 20$ was pretty desperate to avoid you at all costs.

Right? Poor thing risked its life to get away. Took to the winds like a brave 20$. May it travel safely.

Couldn't there have been another place to put it?

I usually keep my windows up on the highway cause loose things tend to blow out.

First time ever I've voted ydi. Think of it as a consolation prize lol.

Windows open? On the freeway? In December? In Canada? Frosty the snowman is that you? It's a Christmas miracle!

Considering it was between +8 and +18 the past three days I'd say that's pretty normal. I almost took the roof off my jeep.

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I'm assuming you meant 18 Celsius. That's still too cold for me. Where I live in Texas it's an average of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit for the next week. And that's still kinda chilly for me. I'm wearing a sorta thick sweater right now. Most people from here don't like the cold.

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Always put money in your pocket or wallet.