Dating is hell

By Th3BaconNinja - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had a date with a girl at a fancy restaurant. In the middle of it she says, "Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom." I watched her get up, walk over to the door, leave, get in her car, and drive away. FML
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itz_towelie 6

she doesn't like using public bathrooms?

scarface90 8

Yo, that's gotta be the coldest shit I have ever read...


brycereid 0

Ha-ha sucker

She sounds like a total bitch. Just move on.

rawrcupcakesz 0

haha I used that line before lol

second impressions succeeded in changing up her plans I guess

Be happy in the fact that stuff like this has happened to other people before too. And view it as your right of passage. If you ever need to bail on a date you now have the kudos points to do so

ZeRussian 0

POW right in the Kissa! POW right in the Kissa!

Next time be less boring and don't think it's a good idea to show her how your dentures work.... I joke, but hey it's better now then in the middle of your vows. she's probably to caught up in herself if she can't atleast be polite enough to wait until the end of the date to leave.

bettadenne1 0

did you tell her ur a "full on rapist" instead of philantropist? 

What. A. Bitch. She didn't even have the common courtesy to climb out the bathroom window so you didn't see!

nonamayne 0

are you that ugly?

boyguydudemalema 0


fat_snooki_lol 6

Maybe this is a sign that you need to lay off the bacon, dude?

RaIeigh 0

#30 - They could just be a boring person.

gaga_ooh_lala 0

i actually have an app on my ipod in which you tap it twice and it sounds like you're receiving a call. lol just make it seem like its an emergency call and split >_< that is if the date is going bad :)


Oh that sucks OP >.<. You will find more. Like others have stated, atleast now than later.

LexaDear 0

Raleigh, see? I never know when the new pictures coming! :P you're pictures are always so much better than mine D:

sheesh OP, you obviously didn't get the dine and ditch memo :p

brycereid 0

46- I like the fish on your wall

LexaDear 0

I made that fish for my musical :P

brycereid 0

awesome :)

LexaDear 0


maybe you're just really ugly as sin and have the personality of a bag of rocks.....

did you stab her hand with a knife and then slit her neck and drink her dry?

RaIeigh 0

Sorry if this posts twice >.< Lexa, I apologize for not giving you a heads up on the pic change :3 I promise to next time though :]

LexaDear 0

I like being surprised, though :]

Giorgio272 2

all your assumptions. maybe the bitch is a nervous pooper and had to go home to complete the nasty from the assty. YDI op for being a whiney boring dick.

RaIeigh 0

Well prepare to be surprised then(:


54, issues issues...

LexaDear 0

If I prepare, it won't be a surprise! I suspect no picture change...ladeedaaaa

LexaDear 0

54 looks 11. 11 year olds these days... antiflood suuuucks. gahh

rawrcupcakesz 0

54 wrong FML!! lol

gotta love free dinner without having to give it up ;D

LexaDear 0

64- I thought that too, but then it is possible it was for this one. it kinda-ish makes sense.


Ah didn't think maybe it was a mistaken post. Still though that's pretty intense. >.>

LexaDear 0

meant kinda works for this one. it obviously wasn't for this one. sorry, doing like 5 things at once.

it might fit if he chased her down... and if he was a vampire... and if 54 was a creepy individual :p

You know, I always check fml at like 1 am. but is there a set time that they add the fmls at once?

LexaDear 0

I'm not sure. I just check and there's always more. by about midnight I find new ones b

That sucks almost as hard as lookinlikedrake sucks dick.

rawrbabii, please take those glasses off, their fugly :D

rawrcupcake put some ****** clothes on... I am sick of FML pics being half nude ******

rawrcupcakesz my bad

climb out a bathroom window for someone who is not worth finishing a dinner at a fancy restaurant with? odd.

I love how she left BEFORE she got in her car lol. I figured someone else would have pointed that out by now :)

what'd you do to deserve that :L

this is why you don't takes girls out to anywhere fancy. unless she is your gf. then you do it every once in a while.

maybe she doesnt use public restrooms

Zigma_fml 0

Well, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

BrownSugar_fml 5

Maybe she doesn't like using public restrooms...... hahaha yeah

korn247 5

lmfao sucks for you, OP!

LOL. i was like wtf until i reach the next fml xD

DarkHelmet 10

53- ****** luv that pic

37 or fat or cocky or smelly or not their type. the possibilities are endless!

nxlcorey 0

lmao 28 funny as hell

do you guys not like looking at pictures of hot girls?

idiocratik 0

he probably ordered the milk steak and jelly beans.

itz_towelie 6

she doesn't like using public bathrooms?

haha! exactly way I was thinking, although she did say bathroom i guess she needed a bath

I thought your profile pic was a monkey's vaj....hahah aha

ZeRussian 0

yea she quickly escapes home to go to the bathroom and comes back. hmmm I should start doing so.

itz_towelie 6

the sad thing is dumb OP left thinking she ditched him, and ended up ditching her. she must have been so upset when she came back. poor girl

'poor girl' nothing. It wouldn't be that hard to explain.. "I'm going to the bathroom... at my house. Brb! :P"

scarface90 8

Yo, that's gotta be the coldest shit I have ever read...

ZeRussian 0

atleast she tried............ BS I poop on her trying. she doesn't bother to sneak out or even go to the BR first

Well she did à great job to hide it then?

FYLyo 0

time to blow up her fone.

akhockey6 0

ahh I'm sorry!! but sucks foryou haha

I'm sorry- totally sucks; but you're probably better off without her in the long run if she's rude enough to walk out of you.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Like you've never done it? Or will ever do it? What if the guy just has completely differene views than you. I can see myself doing this is the guy is really bad. Its not all the girl's fault, we don't know how creepy the OP was being

I would be nice enough to tell them I don't think it is going to work out. People should at least try to act like adults, you know? I'd rather a girl tell me "I don't think we really have anything in common" or "You just aren't my type" than to have what happened to OP happen to me. She's too much of a coward to just explain and excuse herself and so OP goes home feeling like shit. Then again, maybe she told him the truth. Maybe she crapped her panties, who knows? Either way, FYL OP.

It's looking like this is mainly the girls fault here. She should have known generally how he would act and if he were creepy BEFORE going out with him. And I think MOST people are civil and respectful enough to never up and leave in the middle of a date without a reason. An adult would continue the date as long as he was being at least mature and not crossing any lines and tell him off or ignore him afterward. At the least tell him he wasn't what she expected or that she was leaving.

ZoroFresh 0

Step your game up homie.

Don't you wish you got the bill before you ate.. Palm it off to her. :)


well at least yu know what not ti do on yur next date(x hehe

Actually he doesn't... since she wasn't thoughtful enough to give him a reason :,(