By fatass - 20/04/2015 17:01 - United States - Kearney

Today, I received several pairs of panties in the mail that I'd ordered online. When I opened the box, I was shocked because every pair was basically huge granny-panties. I was sure none would fit properly, but I tried them on to be sure. They fit perfectly. FML
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I'm not sure if you're complaining about the size of the panties, or the style. Either way, as long as they fit and are comfortable this shouldn't be a problem. Just an optimistic view point.


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I felt the same way when I got pregnant. No way a large would fit! Yup, and they're kinda snug. I was a xsmall too... :(

24--I think because it comes off as a humble brag.

Why am I downvoted now? I just barely asked a damn question.

chlorinegreen 27

I wasn't trying to brag just sucks when you were smaller and realize how big you get when you're pregnant. Insecure fatty is kinda harsh though if you ask me.

I had a similar experience to op and #1. I have always been extremely tiny, and looking back, underweight. I had to go on some medication for health issues and gained a lot of weight. I remember getting underwear from my sisters for Christmas and looking at them thinking "wow those look big, I can't see them fitting," and sure enough, they fit perfectly. I was happy they fit and I didn't have to return them, and I was also extremely disappointed that they fit. It is what it is.

chlorinegreen 27

Exactly how I feel :) my body did what it had to do lol I was underweight but it still sucks. Oh well... She'll be out eventually and then I can try and be a healthy individual at a healthy weight!

If you aren't happy do something about it. That's why my fat ass was our running early today.

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Or you know before you just assume she does nothing, maybe think about other factors? Like maybe she genetically has a bigger bum or has bigger hips?

16, exactly, for all we know she could de suffering from kardashian-butt-syndrome.

Maybe but usually it's life choices . My own experience and years of hospital work. Wasn't trying to be rude just saying if you don't like how you are you do something about it . Or don't won't faze me any.

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#22 oh so you mean a lot of plastic surgery

Yes it is #15. don't complain if you wont do anything about it. if you wanna change you have to work for it.

Well it's better than having them not fit and wasting your money. I would doubt you could exchange them. Look on the bright side op!

I'm not sure if you're complaining about the size of the panties, or the style. Either way, as long as they fit and are comfortable this shouldn't be a problem. Just an optimistic view point.

Double check before you order? Contact the supplier?

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*contacts the supplier* "Yeah, uh, God. I just need to double check my extra fatass, and I'm wondering what the return policies are on that? I'm sure you're busy, but if you could get back to me that would be great"

6, I think you misread the FML, the undies that looked way to big, actually ended up fitting her perfectly. Hence the FML.

Even if they didn't...could you return them, seen as you had tried them on?

If only there was something you could do in this situation do it does not happen again. Hope you work it out and this story eventually has a happy ending for you.

There is something you can do to stop this. I know I'll get bitched out for it but it's called losing weight or being comfortable with your weight. No ones fault but you own and maybe your parents if your young enough.

The thing is, this could be a scenario where weight isn't the issue. I've picked up some pants and they've looked huge (I'm a UK 8-10) but they've fit fine, others look ridiculously tiny and still fit fine. It depends on the style and material.

Not to mention, as someone else has already stated, op might not actually be overweight but she just may, genetically, have a big butt. If you're born with bigger hips/butt, and you yourself are tiny and in shape, there's very little you can do to get a smaller butt. Working out will only make the muscles in the butt more toned and probably make them bigger.

i'm with #29. They're granny panties, even Aus size 6-8 look enormous, especially when you compare them to lacy lingerie style underwear

C'mon now, you gotta look at the bright side! You can trust anyone that seems sexually attracted to you; they cannot lie!

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what're you even trying to say

#21 that anyone who dates OP likes "big butts".

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That sucks OP. :( I have known those feels.