By nostamp - United States
Today, I rushed to the post office to mail an important document for the study abroad program that I'd applied for, which was due in a few days. Just as the envelope slipped out of my hand and into the mail box, I caught a glimpse of the upper right corner where there was supposed to be a stamp. FML
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You were going to a study abroad program and missed it because you forgot a stamp on the envelope?

The point is, people have done it but I'm pretty sure you haven't studied abroad "many times" That's the fml part.

  blalien  |  0

Yeah, I mean if it was 6pm and that was the absolute last day to deliver it, then yeah, FYL. But you could have just asked a post office employee for help.

  kingbeau  |  0

Sending mail to other countries has taken closer to weeks than days whenever I've tried it.... The only mail that gets there within a few days is local and if its local why didn't she just go drop it off? Maybe its different for some other countries, but in my experience, a few days for mailing something is guaranteed too late...

By  The_Cait  |  0

They'll mail it back to the return address if there is insufficient postage. So you'll find it in your own mailbox soon and can re-mail it properly then [unless you ALSO forgot to put a return address]. Since you have a few days before they're due, it might be fine.