A different kind of wind

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Reserved

Today, I caught my husband farting on my wind-chime in an attempt to make it ring. It did. FML
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Madiluvsyuh98 2

Yay! Im not the only one!

katiebearr10 0

I farted after I read this xD


KunKaLunKa 1

that sucks first?

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Yay! Im not the only one!

Mildly disturbing!

katsteak 0

Dont worry about it OP. That is a sign of a healthy relationship. (:

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Im kidding guys...

52, just because you admitted it in a moment of weakness, it doesn't mean you can take it back!

Madiluvsyuh98 2


Georgieeporgiee 9

I giggled...

Glitterhinoceros 14

^ Same.

75, I was thinking the same exact thing. :D

Lol don't lie 3, EVERYBODY knows that girls don't fart!

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Psh tell that to my umm...mom! Yah mom!

leadman1989 15

At least you don't have some old creepy guy saying he wants to suck them out of your arse... O.o

ImFrackinBored 13

Funny random thread^^ xD

Madiluvsyuh98 2

Puerto rico!!!!!

JRokka850 6

Girls don't fart they fluff!

ur muscles are dope

katiebearr10 0

I farted after I read this xD

on a wind chime?

RainbowzSkittlez 6

And did it ring??

auntiemomma 0

you're a girl.

89 very observant

I'm sure I'll pass gas in the near future as well :D

you're an asshole

Askzombie 14

Mad skillz there

This man is a genius, we need to develop a science in his name, complete with equipment needed! He is making a breakthrough in today's technology and we must celebrate!

reallytho3 11

Thts a whole new level of epik...

I see new night club competitions forming in gay bars across the USA...

hippityhopp 2

That is an fml how?

ghashlycrumbs 8

I'm gonna be honest, that's something I haven't heard. Lol, he's a keeper.

I find this an amazing achievement.

-achievement unlocked: Master Resonator-

shift_love 13

The powers of fluid dynamics and Bernoulli's principal. It's not surprise it worked

Glitterhinoceros 14

Like a boss

frodoman 13

Welcome to the windy city and the land of musical gas

JustinThunder 8

The power of farts..

You have no idea what can a single fart can do !

You don't know the power of the fart side! *said in darth vader voice*