By Anonymous - / Monday 26 November 2012 13:30 / United Kingdom - Edinburgh
By Apparentlycreepy - / Thursday 3 March 2011 07:24 / United States
FML - The follow-up

Today, at an important statewide band performance, my mom stayed in her seat, silent, while everyone else gave a standing ovation. FML

jesterinperil Say more :
OP here. First off, yes this was my performance. We'd been preparing some of the hardest pieces on the selection list for three months and had to perform them in front of the toughest judges in the state. We received a standing ovation and the top score possible, but it really hit hard when I saw my mom sitting there idly. We were all enjoying our results within the band so I tried not to let her negativity...
By jesterinperil / Saturday 7 March 2015 19:05 / United States
By LadyJ - / Wednesday 21 March 2012 00:23 / United States - Minneapolis
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