You must conform

By lefthandspanker - 27/08/2015 16:34 - United States - Craig

Today, my slightly batshit insane grandma called me disgusting and unladylike. Why? For writing with my left hand. FML
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Superstitions are the dumbest.

Maybe show her how you can speak sign language with that left hand


Use your left hand to slap some sense into that old twat

^ no -.- but anyways I'm left handed too woot woot!

Stay away from Heisenberg. Clearly, he IS the danger.

Superstitions are the dumbest.

It's a bit more than a superstition. In older times, many people thought left-handedness was evil and a mark of the devil. It's really more of a religious thing than a superstition.

very little difference, majority of superstitions were born of religion

Or vice versa...


Just say, "Hey grandma it's 2015 lighten up"

Maybe show her how you can speak sign language with that left hand

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That's how old people are sometimes! Just gotta treat em like a child and be understanding b/c they don't know any better.

maryic4ever 19

As a leftie I feel your pain

Keep using your left hand for writing. If that's unladylike then so be it.

leogachi 15

@8 I really don't think she had any plans to switch to writing with her right hand.

leftys rule! righties drool

2,4,6,8 everybody writes, okay! both have good both have bad, if you can, shut up, lad. (I put too much effort to this)

@40 or not nearly enough.

#40 somewhere there is a park missing a bench

As a fellow leftie, I know what that's like. It's like my left hand is being regulated.