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Today, my neighbor had a word with me for being "loud in the bedroom" last night. I haven't had any action for two years now, but I was too happy that she thought I'd got lucky to tell her the truth. So what was I really doing last night? Trying to sing like Christina Aguilera. FML
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

actually its very common for people to interchange singing with sexual sounds. At my old job (apartment company) we couldn't post a noise complaint about sexual sounds so we had to use singing. I have also heard it said in reverse as to not offend people. Telling someone they suck at singing can cause a fight, but embarrass them by commenting at all on their sexual sounds and they will quiet down fast.

By  deequu  |  20

If you were singing and she had a word with you about being loud, she probably heard you singing.
I don't think she thinks you were getting some action.