By Anonymous - 27/7/2021 19:01 - United States - Hot Springs National Park

Which is worse

  Today, I found out that my best friend of 25 years, who doesn't believe that her boyfriend raped me, unfriended me on Nintendo Switch online. FML
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By  Jimmy J Wilkinson  |  5

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  Doom_Kitty  |  6

I disn't know there's more than one definition. I always thought that it's rape when one says no or can't say anything. Maybe unconvenient for some people but that's how it works.

  SJKatt  |  10

Bro, rape is any sexual contact that the other person has either not consented to, withdrawn consent to, or has had their pre-established boundaries broken. Just because before 2015 we ignored victims doesn't mean what you think it does.

By  WhoopsIDidItAgain  |  10

my childhood best friend of 6 years ran off with a man older than her dad, began an affair with him and his wife, started doing drugs and drinking heavily, dabbling in witchcraft and satanism. the last time she spoke to me, she cussed me out for her parents being at our high school graduation like it was my fault. now, because the man has a violent past, i live in near constant fear and paranoia that I'm going to be silenced because i know too much about him. this has all happened since March 😊. I'm sorry that you were abused. and that i ranted its just that i feel super lonely and ignored about this situation