By markerThief - United States - Apple Valley

Truth hurts

Today, I jokingly told my friend that I was the kid who stole his brand new glow-in-the-dark markers back in kindergarten. Now he's ignoring my texts and calls and says we're through. So much for our twelve years of friendship. FML
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  CanadiAnM8  |  24

2 things. OP, HOW COULD YOU TAKE GLOW IN THE DARK MONSTERS. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE MARKERS, BUT THEY WERE GLOW IN THE DARK! Shame on you OP. Shame on you. And #1 why the hell are you always one of the top 5 to comment?

  whiteboy896  |  9

I dont think you understand the heart felt relationship between a kid and their
special markers/pens. Ive been there before and let me tell you, it broke my heart

  ddlovatolover  |  23

My parents bought me a new set of colored pens when I was in the first grade, and I lost the set(now that I think about it, someone might have taken it) and they yelled at me and hit me so many times that it would've sent any kid scuttling for cover. OP's friend could've been punished for losing his markers and maybe missed out on some stuff because his parents didn't want to buy them for him because he seemed irresponsible. I don't quite believe 'bitter' is the right term to describe him here.