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By furred - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - Philippines

Today, I was playing an online game in nothing but my boxers, when suddenly a girl joined my team. I immediately felt embarrassed and put some pants on. There were no webcams involved. I need to get out more. FML
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That's weird considering most of the guys I know would take their pants OFF when they know a girls is on... Tissues, anyone?

26-Not necessarily. Gamer girls come in all shapes and sizes, just like guys. In fact, a lot of girls that I've come into contact with that play video games are actually quite attractive. And by quite attractive I mean pretty damn sexy.


That's weird considering most of the guys I know would take their pants OFF when they know a girls is on... Tissues, anyone?

siickman 7

Anyone ever been the good one out of your gaming group online? For example, you are all playing and talking shit and then a girl Joins and you dont do anything about it but your "friends" go HAM on the mic and just become the most sexist perverted assholes on the planet... It happens all the time to me. And society now has this rule if you respect girls you have to be gay... So stupid.

26-Not necessarily. Gamer girls come in all shapes and sizes, just like guys. In fact, a lot of girls that I've come into contact with that play video games are actually quite attractive. And by quite attractive I mean pretty damn sexy.

I'm a gamer and I'm not fat or ugly, you should play with more girls if you think we're fat and ugly so you learn.

Yeah I'm a gamer too and I'm not fat or ugly

Me to! I think these guys just need to play more

Nothing to do with gender people who rage on a game (normally cod) are just mad at whoever is beating them (like me)

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I'm a gamer also, and I'm not fat. Just crazy.

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I met this awesome girl in an online game and she is very attractive, we skype lots too.

Sometimes it's just a man in a girl characters body. I've seen that a lot

What games do you all play? Mine is call of duty for Xbox 360! (Please do not dis my game if you like another like bf3, not trying to debate over which is better, just a friendly question.)

Octain 13

I'm a gamer girl. And as far as I know, I'm not completely hideous ;O Or fat.

kandi_kid69 15

I'm a gamer girl and from what people tell me I'm not fat or ugly and the gamer girls I've met were pretty damn cute. ^.^

I know lots of gamer girls in real life and 99% of them are really hot, and skinny.

MischievousV 8

26- just so you know: 42% of females are gamers. Now, if 42% of the females you see are fat or ugly I wonder about what kind of standard you have. Also, I hope other women notice how shallow you are.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Says the person with their dog as their profile pic. Nothing against the rest that do this, just don't be a ******* hypocrite.

kandi_kid69 15

68- Shut your mouth please.

68- when did this start having to do with cats?? 44 didn't literally mean that they were crazy.... They just have a sense of humor

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

On the contrary, I am pretty loopy. But it has nothing to do with cats :P

My comment is turning into a series of fights *grabs popcorn* this might be a while...

There shouldn't be a dividing line between "Gamer" and "Girl Gamer"...gender doesn't matter whatsoever.

Gotta love all the attention ****** who step up as soon as they see "girl" and "game". of you truly love the ******* games, then no need to emphasize that you're a girl and try to make yourself feel special.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Agreed, the term 'girl gamer' seriously bothers me. It sounds rather shallow and like they're trying to prove something. I've been actively playing videogames since I was 5. Always fancied myself in that regard as simply a gamer.

Yes, 'girl gamer' is really stereotypical...

89- Most girls who play games simply do it to garner attention from random males online, and that drives me insane. Thanks for not being apart of that majority.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I am who I am for no one but myself. If only everyone did the same.

Girl gamer is specifying not stereotypical, if I go to hooters I want a girl waitress, not any waitress, just saying

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

That's a terrible example. There's no such thing as a "male waitress", so there's hardly any need to specify.

I met my girlfriend online on a video game. We've been together for a lawng time (: since 2-19-11

xPlayerofDeathx 0

52- not at all. Most gamer girls I meet aren't fat. And quite attractive. What game you playin, OP?

hockeyoceancity 13

24- Your bio says "get on your knees and suck my dick." Uhmm... You seem to be just like your friends in some ways.

I'm a gamer girl too and I don't think we all have to be fat or ugly in order to play video games. I mean, I guess I'm decent.

sinking_fish 12

It's funny to me how people on here are saying "it is offensive to call me a 'gamer girl' because blah blah blah...and then 5 posts down, they're like 'yeah, I'm a gamer girl and not fat or ugly' ." seriously? I'm a gamer, you're a gamer, MOST of us are in fact gamers. Great, move on.

Its also quite funny how all these girls are saying there not ugly. How would you know? You could have a totally differed perspective of yourself then what the world sees. For all we know you could all be ugly as ****.

Modern warfare 3 anyone?(: STF_MARINE_JD

What's also funny, the fact that says a girl has to be pretty and skinny to not be treated like "one of the boys". Girls are girls, boys are boys, crotches and monthly period are not the only thing that defers them.

Leadamp 7

That was a brilliant retort 64. I felt it deserved more than just a thumbs up

I'm a gamer girl as well, but what pisses me off the most is that some girls try their hardest attempt to sound sexy over their microphone and has to yell out "I'm a girl!" to attract male attention. IMO, I play for the enjoyment of killing and using video games to attract a males attention shows that they're too desperate. It's understandable if they communicate with their teammates saying "Oh yeah, there's a guy at the corner, watch out." But if it's full on bragging about how much they love COD (Some cases, probably don't even know the list of guns at all) talk flirty in a high pitched voice: "I play everyday because it's so fun, add my number and my PSN or Xbox username." then that's when you know she is a attention *****. IMO I think it's also nothing special when a guy complements a girl how good she is at killing, if she's good, she's good. But if she really sucks, she shouldn't expect a complement at all. If she realizes this, (not getting the male attention as shes hoping for) she will most likely in desperation to not embarrass herself oh her horrible kill/death score: "Wow, I can do sooo much better!" trying to show off and prove that she can do better. (Sometimes and some girls only say that to cover up how bad they really are at playing video games. Trust me, I have friends who came over to play and did that.) I try not to say much, but you get the idea.

Drew167 8

Just go and be more social but if you're shy take baby steps to being more social.

_ebbonyy 11

Nothing says 'being social' like a douschebag pointing at his junk. There's your way OP, works every time!

Why are you pointing at your junk but you can't see it because of the counter... Oh it really that small??? 0_0

Sweet Jesus, why is everyone using the "are you ******* kidding me" rage face. Is there really that much sarcasm on here.

xPlayerofDeathx 0

Dude, if there is anything there, why point at it? Put a shirt on, douchebag.

Ok, first order of business, douchebag your a picture *****. Second order of business, rage faces are for fag's.

Yea I hate when guys put their profile pics of them with their shirt flexing. It's not impressing anyone, its just showing your a tryhard. Especially when your pointing at your dick.

Drew was just trying to be nice to OP. You guys are just raging at him for his pic. He probably worked hard to get a body like that, and he should be proud of it. I see too many comments on FML about a person's pic. Get over appearances people. Drew's comment was simply a little encouragement to OP and has nothing to do with his pic. It's a stereotype to say a guy with muscles is a douchebag. There was nothing douchebaggy about Drew's comment though. Yet women wonder why they can't find a nice guy. Look at how you treat and judge them when they ARE being nice. Thumb me down for all I care, it needed to be said.

69- ohhh the irony when your prof pic is the 'are you ******* kidding me' face too!!

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We don't know if he's a virgin... He might've just not had sex in a long time.

KM96 24

3. What is wrong with virgins?

Tali147 16

Not all virgins are completely uncomfortable around the opposite sex. And there are many people who have had sex who are still uncomfortable.

Tali147 16

Not all virgins are completely uncomfortable around the opposite sex. And there are many people who have had sex who are still uncomfortable.

Its completely fine to feel that way and it doesnt mean that your anti social.

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Anyone who thumbed it down definitely doesn't go to party's

Perhaps you two haven't seen a gamer go to a party? Well believe it or not, gamers have a social life too! I would know, because I am one.

ThisIsMyReign 4

51 - He never said he hasn't seen a gamer go to a party. He was sampling informing OP (who may or may not have been to a party) to go to a party. Where, his spirits can be lifted with alcohol and friends drunk words.

i'm also a gamer and like to party. where's the party at?!

Parties are the worst. Because someone says they need to get out more it doesn't mean they need to go to a party. Parties can ruin lives. One near me, a bunch of 14-17 year olds ended up getting stabbed. One night stands? STDs? Plus if you feel awkward around people the last place to be is a party...

ant1ion 12

I am a gamer and go to parties, I was just kidding around so calm down lol

At least you have good old fashion morals OP. Not many people have those these days. :)

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From the guy named titty.....

I don't see a "I" in there anywhere. Maybe you should get your eyes checked, before you start calling people out.

I thought his name was "Ty" but he just added extra t's and y's.

putting pants on is the first step in getting out. find a cool shirt and hang around a GameStop until someone looks safe to talk to, and make a friend (others at a gamestop share an interest with you already) so it should be easy.

alstbv12 13

Just because the person chose a female wizard or demon hunter in Diablo 3 doesn't mean it is actually a girl.

p3mguin 7

Please be quiet, will make things easier

hockeyoceancity 13

Think on the bright side, you're not one of those disrespectful guys towards women and say "suck my dick" and such references. You might of went alittle far on the putting your pants on lol but it's not wrong. I bet the other guys you were playing with took their pants off and starting harrassing her and pretend or even actually jerk off... There are some twisted/disrespectful people online... Be happy you're a respectful person it'll get you farther in life and more respect from people.

Most girls I know are the ones who say suck my dick.

At least you didn't do the opposite and act like a creeper by telling her you weren't wearing any pants.