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This would be the perfect time to use one of those cheesy "I just fell for you" pickup lines ;)

Perhaps she can kiss your boo boos?


This would be the perfect time to use one of those cheesy "I just fell for you" pickup lines ;)

He should ask her if she wants to take a break because of how tired she must be from running through his mind all day.

Or get back up and ask her if she's okay. Once she asks what you're talking about, tell her that you thought it would hurt when an angel fell from heaven.

60- I couldn't help but think of Brick from Anchorman saying "You are invited to the pants party." after reading your comment.

#1 couldnt agree more!

Dammit #1 I was gonna say that! XD

Perhaps she can kiss your boo boos?

I thought this said boobs when I first read it... anyone else, or is it just me?

Welcome to the Internet. Enjoy your stay.

Hey well that's not a FML that's a great story to tell everyone! Plus I'm sure she thought it was really funny and then proceeded to help you out haha. Think positive

Well it's something to laugh about later. Chin up, mate.

He might have had a tough time keeping his chin up while it was on the floor.

Walk that shit off. She probably laughed. The ice is broken.

Yeah, walk that shit off. I'm sure those gashes will heal in a few seconds.

Mine do, but I'm the cheerleader from Heroes.

23: Claire? You are totally hot, and the show you're on is awesome.

Okay I lied, I'm syler. I totally killed that bitch! Oh well, back to chopping off people upper skulls to take their powers!

Your physical wounds will most likely heal faster than the blow to your ego. But I think those usually hurt the most! Feel better soon! :)

Soooo, your letting OP know he feels bad? Okay then... Good talk.

It seems that calamity has... befallen you.

Clever play on words my friend.

It seems you have really fallen for this girl, huh?

Who knows, maybe she'll fall for OP too.

Op u probably blew it. Don't bother chasing after her you will only hurt yourself more.

Well that's incredibly pessimistic 30. I highly doubt there are that many girls out there that are that shallow.

30: If that blew it for him, she's not worth his time since it would mean she's insanely shallow... I doubt this affected his chances with her at all.

Don't worry you can get back on track

You just have yo keep on going.

Well that escalated quickly.

He fell, he deescalated quickly.

Disembarked, rather.

I love that saying.

Lol ya dun goofed