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Today, while coming back from skiing, a woman asked me if I could help her carry her stroller. I put my skis down and helped her. When I came back to pick my skis up, I saw two guys running away with my gear. You try chasing someone while wearing ski boots. FML
magzulism tells us more :
Hey, OP here. I'm finally gonna answer some of your questions: 1. Yes, i do believe it was a set up. The woman and the thiefs were definitely working together. 2. They were old skis, I bought myself a pair of awesome new ones later :) 3. I didn't go skiing alone. I live in Switzerland and was helping a friend of mine -who is an elementary school teacher- as a skiing instructor for his 9 year old school kids. He teaches and lives in a tiny village about an hour from where I live, and since I don't have a car, I went there by train. So obviously i rode the train back home alone. The only good thing about the whole story is that I didn't have to carry my skis back home. ha. ha. Feel free to message me, if you have any questions.
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  xoconnie  |  8

i hope they were just rentals and not ur own... b/c skis are pretty expensive! u should have screamed or called someone to help you out or at least to see where they were going with your skis!! do u really ski alone?? u were with no one to help? sorry dude that sucks and yea it is hard to let alone WALK in ski boots than run lol so i feel ur pain bro.

  Horcruxer  |  0

Better get these comments moderated with the insults, they did that to me. Now they'll erase this comment as usual or the thread because they're hypocrites, dumb.

  thesoccerone7  |  3

He/she never should have set the skis down in the first place. At the mountain near here, if it isn't locked up or by your side, you can plan on buying yourself a new pair soon. And by the time OP took his/her boots off, they would have been long gone.

How big was the stroller? You couldn't manage both?

  TheCountess  |  4

My thoughts exactly. If this is the case, OP really can't take solace in the good deed, since by helping with the stroller, he/she was just playing right into the scam. :(