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Today, one of my employees filed a complaint against me. He claims that I "pick on him" and make him do things I "wouldn't do". Apparently, making him do his job and trying to convince him to wear clean clothes that don't smell like garbage is considered a bad thing. FML
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Zatnikatel tells us more.

OP here to explain further, I'm a manager for a big and tall clothing store and hygiene is covered in the training manual. he was wearing the EXACT Same clothing everyday he worked(multiple days in a row). the stains, wrinkles, abd odor constantly increased. I really don't feel like I was bullying him and I even offered to help purchase him new clothes. he took offense to that as well and went on a rant about how his family is ridiculously wealthy. his work ethic was atrocious, he stopped every

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File a complaint against him for bring a complete idiot

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Coworkers can be huge pussies.


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Making him do his job.. At work?!? How horrible!

This is really hard as I can see both sides. I've been the victim of a bullying boss, and it was a horrible experience. On the other hand, employees are expected to act and dress appropriately.

I don't know why you're getting down voted? My GM is a bully. But not to me, only to the guys. To the girls, he's overly flirty.

Pwn17 25

Don't worry about him. If he doesn't do his job, you should fire him.

If he doesn't follow your policies then fire him!

Is the guy new? If so, he'll probably be gone soon. If not, meh, i hope he'll be gone anyways. Sounds like one lazy person to me.

If he breaks a rule kick him out, he doensn't strike me as a fit employee.

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There were only two quotations, and these were what the complainant was saying about the poster. How do you figure the individual was trying to hassle the guy?

Sarcasm filter 43. Perdix... weak.

so let me try and understand this... you are calling me a jerk off at the same time you are telling me to be diplomatic? mmmmm love me some situational irony. be tee dubs, those aren't sarcastic quotations. just the normal kind. you know, the ones people use to let other people know it's a quote.

Lol, idiot, quotation marks are meant to be used to emphasis that ur using the exact words used by someone else, how is that sarcasm? Go back to primary school

strawberrywine22 27

You are all idiots, including OP. Have none of you met Perdix? I'm pretty sure he fired off a purely sarcastic remark to the doctor when he was born. I'm going to say this once, and you should read it very slowly. PERDIX. IS. BEING. SAR. CAS. TIC.

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I worked with a guy who smelled of B.O. in a supermarket! You're doing the right thing. Not sure what line of work you're in but It could put customers off if employees aren't presenting themselves appropriately.

perdix 29

#19, are you sure you weren't working in the durian section?

150493x 29

Pretty sure considering his odour would linger in aisles he had been working in. It wasn't nice at all. People had complained and nothing had been done about it which is why I think OP is right to say something.

I'm amazed at how many people don't mind being "dirty." I literally don't see how someone wouldn't WANT to bath and smell clean on a day to day basis. Like, how do you not smell yourself? It's one the to to get dirty from working or doing activities but to just intentionally not bath and put others through the torture of smelling your stank ass is just cruel and unusual punishment.

"How do you not smell yourself?" This one is actually easy to answer because the average animal can't smell themselves unless they are actively trying. Your brain pushes that information into the background because in a survival situation it is useless. How could you smell predators approaching or notice that strange gasoline smell if your brain was busy taking in the powder smell of your deodorant? This also explains why some people basically bathe in their perfume bottle. It only takes a few minutes before your brain concludes that you smelling that Channel no. 5 you put on is pointless and pushes the information back. People think that because they can't smell it anymore no one else can and put on more. It takes a lot before your brain thinks your own smell is relevant enough to bring the information on how you smell to the front. I agree people are ridiculous when they deliberately stay dirty but it is asking a bit much for people to just know they smell bad.

You know what I meant ha. I know you can't always smell yourself... My point was more about not bathing on a daily basis...(at least for people that have that privilege)

I dont bathe on a daily basis, but it also takes a LOT to make me sweat. If i bathed everyday my skin would be off the charts dry, instead of only cracking dry. Not saying i let myself stink, but its really not needed everyday unless u smell (imo)