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  MrLefty  |  8

wow... redneck or white trash. either way I feel sorry for you so, FYL. but yeah, just pretend you don't them. I live in a town where that could potentially happen, or there are people who would if they wanted to.

  givants  |  0

yeah I agree with the previous comment, at least is not you getting married, you have your life to make something you can be proud of, and guess what. they are "adults" you don't have to take care of them or anything


he probably got the ring from one of those 50 cent machines that give you stuff at walmart, but don't worry it probably took him a couple trys to get the ring so atleast your mom's marrage is worth more than 1 dollar

  rudiznell  |  0

Did they get married today? Your SOON to-be step-dad.
btw who takes family trips to Walmart? If your old enough you post on FML, and you went on this "mandatory trip" you have no life :P

  SMJ210  |  0

Coming Soon: My Big Fat Redneck Wedding. YeeHaw! We's gonna have us some good clean fun after we get hitched. Pig wrassilin. Ya'll come out now ya hear!