By Blank - 17/06/2010 02:22 - United States

Today, my new step-dad proposed to my mom during a family trip to Wal-Mart. FML
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**** her life, not yours. you couldve just grabbed a cart and pretend they were strangers.

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is he by any chance related to the guy who proposed to his gf in mcdonalds?

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ok and? y aren't u happy for mommy?

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wow... redneck or white trash. either way I feel sorry for you so, FYL. but yeah, just pretend you don't them. I live in a town where that could potentially happen, or there are people who would if they wanted to.

hey they're having rollback so maybe you can score some cheap shit. it's a Win Win

yeah I agree with the previous comment, at least is not you getting married, you have your life to make something you can be proud of, and guess what. they are "adults" you don't have to take care of them or anything

Canned ham to the left and bagged cereal to the right... awww the romance. 

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Did he buy the ring there as well?

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when I think of Florida I hunk beautiful beaches and tan people... not white trash...

I think the real question is... reception at Target?

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I love shopping at the dollar store because I don't have to dress up like I'm shopping at walmart or something

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he probably got the ring from one of those 50 cent machines that give you stuff at walmart, but don't worry it probably took him a couple trys to get the ring so atleast your mom's marrage is worth more than 1 dollar

this isn't an fml your mums getting married

Think positive. Better at Wal-Mart than at some Chinese daily on the corner

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exactly! so wat if he proposed in walmart; mayb he wanted smthn different! & the only thing th@ matters is shes gettin married! selfish -.-

you can have people that are like family without them being actually related, if her mum's been with the guy a while he may feel like family already.

92, did you really just spelt that, 'th@'? WTF?

let me guess, your step dad is also your uncle isn't he???

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lol did you ever see the movie with thegirls who had a baby in wal mart.. lo if you didn't you should see it now lol

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their wedding pics can be featured at the People Of Walmart fan site

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no, the reception has to be at Sams Club!

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Did he propose with a Ring Pop?

definetly a southern thing. rednecks, lol

Did they get married today? Your SOON to-be step-dad. btw who takes family trips to Walmart? If your old enough you post on FML, and you went on this "mandatory trip" you have no life :P

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Coming Soon: My Big Fat Redneck Wedding. YeeHaw! We's gonna have us some good clean fun after we get hitched. Pig wrassilin. Ya'll come out now ya hear!

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haha he's a fuckass dude i woulda took something off the shelf and threw it at him

there is nothing wrong with white trash.

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who takes family trips to wallmart? only in Florida :)

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I agree, fyl for having a stepdad. I cannot STAND mine, he's a fjdkdksndudj jerk.

Ah redneck romance at it's finest. Where's the honeymoon? His favorite deer blind? Or that little fishin' spot he found the other day?

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today, I went on a family trip to walmart. FML

congratulations, you now qualify for a white trash black belt.

13 wins. I'm watching The Pursuit of Happiness. Where's the link ? IDK

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more like, Walmart- save money, buy shit, get out

yeah I actually thought about it too but whatever

Lol you know you've made it to redneck when you take it to wal-mart. I think i'll make that my new motto from now on haha.

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haha that's hilarious. it would have been better if he asked them to ask her over the intercom :P propose to your girlfriend at a wal-mart.

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Awwwwwww that's cute op. A little immiture and redneck, but cute.