By tdrtnlz - 11/05/2013 06:25 - United Kingdom - Studley

Today, my stalker ex girlfriend turned up at my wedding, uninvited, wearing a wedding dress. FML
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Run like the wind OP, switch countries, names, number. Just run.

laughtersplay 14

I believe a restraining order is in need.


Run like the wind OP, switch countries, names, number. Just run.

Just saying if she showed up at my wedding I would both laugh and be afraid for her life; my soon to be wife would already be loading the shotgun while I laughed

OP, definitely her down with the wedding limo :-) What a complete psycho - what did she expect, for you to ask your bride to step aside so she can take her place? Seriously, she needs help!

You can run if you want to. You can leave your ex behind...

So, OP, was this after you proposed to her twin sister when you were drunk?

The way I see it, double the action at your honeymoon

Wedding crashers!!! Next time do not let her know the location, just as a precaution, eh OP!

I don't think Op told her, but rather she stalked op.

I meant to make sure that she does not know about it. Cut her off from all of her sources and I think OP will find a way to do that.

Misaki18 17

I don't think that'll stop a stalker... Hence the term "stalker"

Trooth 13

I guess you're gettin married twice ;) these type of people don't usually take "no" for an answer

laughtersplay 14

I believe a restraining order is in need.

She's gone from stalker to bridezilla. Someone walk her down the aisle, out of the church....

redblueflame 23

talk about psycho! I feel bad for your wife though, it probably put a huge damper on her special day

Okay I have a question. How is it that someone can be that crazy? Are they mentally challenged in a way? Kinda like when girls are convinced that some guys are vampires. Serious question

It's a mental disorder, plan and simple. They have something wrong in their brain that makes it so they think actions like that are totally okay and rational.

JFloUnknown 24

-From the mind of a stalker.

It's because she's in a delusional satae where she is absolutely convinced that they never broke up and that she is the bride. Most people like that are more mentally imbalance and force their ideals on a person. In other words, they never truly love the person but the idea of the person.

#8- Yes, it's called schizophrenia. I went through something similar, but was instead invited to take over the bride to be's place... In other words, he wanted me to step into her place. I don't know what he was planning for her. This occurred two days before his wedding. Lol. I still laugh about it!

You better grow a mustache and shave it off OP!

I cannot even begin to comprehend the reason that doing that will help.

showmeyourears 19

It's a Spongebob reference. From the episode where Flats is threatening to kick his butt.

I think it was a Spongebob reference from when he and Patrick stole a balloon.

I'm so sorry OP! If that would happen to me, and the ex-girlfriend of my new husband would crash my wedding, I would proberbly hit her....