By auzziegirl1938 - 16/08/2014 23:53 - Australia - Newcastle

Today, my roommate decided to throw a huge party in the early hours of the morning. I have to start at my new job soon, a window just got smashed, and I'm tired as hell. FML
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OP here, got an email saying it's been published, so woooo, cheerin on that one haha. The story is that I moved in on campus recently, and my roommates aren't that bad but they're pretty out there. I was a little miffed, I had told them that I was starting a new job in the morning and that I was sick, they started partying just as went to bed and kept it up until about 3-4am, and I had to be up at 5. As for the window being smashed, someone decided it would be fun to push the heater through the window. Apparently it was cold outside. For the people saying things like "if you can't beat them join them" I don't think walking in after 0 hours sleep would confirm that job for me. As for the window puns..! Keep them coming, love it haha keeping me very amused! ???

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when you leave for work put alarm and hide it in place where he can't find it... sweet revenge


Sorry that he pulled the shades on your career

If that was my roommate, it would be curtains for him.

What a terrible time window to have a party

No stop 32 please you took it too far.

I hate the sound of breaking glass. It makes me shutter.

Do you have a friend you can spend the night with perhaps? If so, go over there. Good luck & sweet dreams :)

You should write up a Roommates Agreement!

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It's a bit too late for that.

Next time he's tired and has something important the next day, wake him up. Revenge is sweet, right?

#15 Well done! You understood the reference! Thanks for letting us know.

Yeah I like to listen to some 'soft classical' music as I get up and make my breakfast before work at 5am.

Dont worry , your the smart one in the situation , youll do fine keep your head up !

I don't think you understand the point of this FML.

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well its geared up start for your new job, thanks to your mate ;)

Your roommate is inconsiderate. Sucks that you've work the next day after a night like that. Hang in there.

Your roommate is inconsiderate. Sucks that you've work the next day after a night like that. Hang in there.

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Roommates, gotta lovee em. After reading all of these FMLs about them should make most people try to do anything to live alone. I know that sometimes it is difficult to do, especially in many major cities around the world, with high living expenses and jobs that barely pay enough to cover those expenses.