By Anonymous - 09/07/2014 20:49 - United States

Today, my road rage got so out of hand that I'm now actually inclined to honk obnoxiously at my computer when it's being slow. FML
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Am I the only one wondering how OP honks at the computer?

it'll probably respond better than the idiots on the road!


it'll probably respond better than the idiots on the road!

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Preach on

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At least it's smarter than the idiots on the road...

Am I the only one wondering how OP honks at the computer?

Angry German kid. That's how you honk at a computer. If people don't get that reference.....

Is it not normal to sit in your car and honk everytime your computer runs slow?oh...

There should be a 'honk' button on ps3 controllers... That's where people expel their rage for slow connection anyways.

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18: I prefer Ctrl+Shift+Esc

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Maybe like a goose?

If Internet Explorer is going too slow just use alt+F4

I'm thinking OP may be a cop.

He said he's inclined to honk at his computer, not that he somehow does.

Finally, some logic. I've been waiting to read that. He's been inclined - meaning he wants to, out of habit. Nowhere does it say he has the ability to honk at his computer. (ie. perhaps a car horn in front of his computer).

Now it is time to to get counseling.

Have you ever been in a slow moving traffic or had to deal with a dead slow computer?

Maybe you should invest in a stress ball...

Hmmm Squeezing a ball while sitting in front of their computer? I'm sure that would be a good stress reliever.

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Or.....maybe he shouldn't drive

36 is right. Road rage can be really dangerous. Once my dad got mad at some guy for cutting him off and sped around him and threw an open water bottle at his windshield. Me and my sister laughed about it forever, but looking back, I'm glad nothing seriously bad happened.

Somebody didn't take drivers ed

You must be fun at parties

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I'm imagining him trying to honk when the line at the keg is moving slowly...

I'm imagining what if a lady is adjacent to him when that happens.

Internet traffic is a killer

Smh damn computers... Impeding the flow of traffic

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You need to help.

Thanks for pointing that out, I don't think the rest of us knew.

...yourself to a good therapist.

You remind me of the 'no no donkey' from Family Guy.