By flufee2 - 23/04/2014 02:40 - Canada - Burlington

Today, I was at the sandwich shop I work in. A customer came in and requested an assorted sub. As I finished putting on the sauces, I looked up to see the customer's face set in horror. Apparently I didn't notice that I licked my fingers clean after getting some mayonnaise on them. FML
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flufee2 tells us more.

The person i had ordering was a close friend of which i am very comfortable with. I guess you could say i got a little too comfortable! After we realized what I did, we just laughed and brushed it off. From now on i will make sure i wear gloves because I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone i don't know!

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xXanna_ 18

I hope you don't do that often.

Totally unacceptable. One would think you get paid to pay attention to the duties of your job


xXanna_ 18

I hope you don't do that often.

If he only realised because the customer pointed it out there's a good chance that he does do it often.

if this story is the end of the fml then he's lucky I wasn't the customer. I'd have gone for the manager.

Username says no gloves no chance. Meaning, I take it, is that if Op didn't wear gloves, they are gonna lick their fingers..

Helldemon 32

#53 Sounds like your an asshole.

… Wha? How does 53 sound at all like an asshole? Summoning the manager after an employee, let alone a stranger has licked his fingers WHILE he's assembling your sandwich is a sensible approach.

#67, wouldn't you do the same if that happened to you? I sure would, then maybe the manager could put a stop to it. I mean I feel bad for the guy if he loses his job over it, but then again he should be paying more attention..

I would just like to know where OP works. So I can avoid it at all costs.

carterjanelle 9

How about the customer go buy some groceries take them home and make their own damn sandwich?

Droppedaduce 4

#139 Because sandwich shops are there so people dont have to make their own sandwiches

carterjanelle 9

So they do sell sandwiches? But they're not a sandwich shop...

zevo1415 10

You may be retarded. Might wanna get that checked out...

babygurll19 10

We need a follow up, OP! What happened afterward??

babygurll19 10

I imagine the customer's face looked a little like this ->> D:

Yeah my nose would go missing too I suppose...

Totally unacceptable. One would think you get paid to pay attention to the duties of your job

Probably a subconscious thing, I don't think OP meant to do it. I was fasting once and did the same with ketchup, didn't even think about it.

Gourmet666 1

This happens more often than you think. Especially in restaurants where you don't see what's happening in the kitchen. Many chefs are used to tasting food with the same spoon they stir the sauce, they try the food by dipping their fingers into it etc. It's better not to think about it.

43 - Any chef who's been professionally trained or went to school would not do this. This is a huge OSHA violation, and could get them fined a lot of money.

#44, You are actually taught in the kitchen to try your food, how are you meant to know it's well seasoned, tastes okay or cooked properly. This doesn't mean you have to slobber all over the place and spread germs. Using a clean spoon to try the food, and then putting the spoon in the wash area works perfectly fine.

They would not however lick the spoon then use it to stir. So that argument doesn't work here because the OP didn't test the food, He/she licked clean their finger then continued to prepare the sandwich... so ya the OP F'd up pretty bad

Yes, exactly. I've worked plenty in food service. Not licking your fingers becomes reflex and you forget to do it when you're at home. That OP reflexively did it and didn't realize it is troubling.

#59, I understand that. Nowhere did I say that this argument was valid to the OP's situation. I was replying to someone else. What the OP did was nasty and I want to know where he works, so I can avoid their saliva sandwiches.

MissStephanie 10

I agree with #43, just because it shouldn't happen and it's nothing but frowned upon doesn't mean it doesn't happen because it very well does. To think it doesn't is looking through rose colored glasses, not everyone has the best intentions....

#7 that's understatement OP must do it a lot if he doesn't know he's doing it until someone points it out to him.

That's just unhygienic. You need to be more self conscious of things like that when in an environment where you should be professional.

#7 often or not that is disgusting OP should be professional while at work and out sound's like he does it a lot if he doesn't even realize he's doing it.

Like the way you don't realize the need for punctuation?

bingo__O 15

Shouldn't you be wearing gloves in the first place?

User name explains it. Haha. Though I'm sure they are supposed to.

You'd think so! when I worked at dairy queen for a few weeks (after being fired for not working Sundays), they told me gloves were optional. WTF?

Not all resturants require you to wear gloves. Mine doesn't, but I work with pizza. There are multiple sinks everywhere, and towels though!

Still. it's good to make the employees use gloves because the costumers feel safer about eating the food when they see the employees taking the extra steps to make sure their product is clean

Dude I wear the gloves so I dont have to wash my hands every damn minute

Amanyyyyyy 29

Even if OP was wearing gloves, that wouldn't make this FML any better.

Gloves only make the customers feel better. Properly washed hands are hygienic and not wearing gloves promotes more regular hand washing. Wearing gloves will often lead to lax hand washing and glove changing. Watch one of those restaurant reality shows, you'll see gloves aren't the norm in nice restaurants.

73 said everything I was thinking. Gloves are there for guest peace of mind. The problem with gloves is they are rarely changed when they should be, wiped on clothes/aprons, making them just as, or more unhygienic as bare hands.

omgsorry8676 6

Some states don't require I to wear gloves when making customers food. So check out your local Heath dept to see if your states require gloves or not.