By StolenCarz - 09/03/2016 12:30 - United States - Asheville

Today, my friend and I were walking down my neighborhood when he joked that my car was being stolen when one that looked exactly like it passed. It was my car. FML
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StolenCarz tells us more.

Was able to get it recovered, the perpetrator is now in jail :) thanks everyone

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ndnpride88 25

Hopefully you got a good look at the driver

At least you have all the information so the police can find it? Sorry dude. FYL


aliciousness116 16

Yikes, hope you reported it to the police at that instant! Wish you get it back in the same condition, it left.

Why comment "at least you have all the info"? Do people not normally have all their car's information unless they see it driven by them?

That really sucks but it's also funny as hell.

oh wow that sucks OP

DeadxManxWalking 27

One reason I'm happy I have a distinct car, can react faster. But in your case, FYL.

Did you not recognize the license plate?

tarlax 11

I think it's pretty damn obvious she did, since she knew it was hers when it was pointed out to her. Derp.

i am a guy by the way xD

tarlax 11

Well, uh... you're a very beautiful guy. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You go, guy.

lukewood91 5

Shit eh?

bre88 18

I know it was mentioned that there was a car stealing joke. But hopefully your friend wasn't actually in on the car theft or anything. Sorry OP.

I imagine it going down something like this: OP: (sees car drive by) Hey that looks just like my car. Friend: Yeah it does, maybe someone stole your car! OP & Friend: (laugh at joke) OP: (arrives home) Hey! Where's my car!

Was able to get it recovered, the perpetrator is now in jail :) thanks everyone

You aren't OP. Stop posting

At least its all good now!! Greetings OP.

Very happy to see that some FMLs can have happy endings :)

That's great! Glad you got your car back and that no good thief is behind bars.

Greetings and salutations

Awesome! Glad that was all sorted!