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Today, my father finally achieved his long-held goal. He has legally disowned me. FML
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An explanation is probably in order here. I am mentally and socially handicapped, brainwashed, and a worthless burden. My father is a pillar of the community, a family man, and loves his poor, misguided child dearly. -according to dear old dad, at any rate. So, fact check: I've just graduated high school with a 3.9 and lots of AP credits. I'll be going to college on academic scholarship as a biology major this fall. I'm currently working full time in auto finance. Also, I'm dating the most beautiful girl in the world. My father(or ex-father?) is an abusive passive-aggressive narcissist. The last time I saw him, the police had to intervene so I could leave school without being forced to go with him. He didn't want to pay child support any longer, so the moment I turned 18, he filed for emancipation. I have a court date in about a month, to get rid of the bastard's name and take my mother's maiden name. I'm happy, and this is all for the best. Thank you all for your kind words- this community is awesome :)

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Ouch, you are probably better of without him.

I'd say you didn't deserve something as awful as to be disowned, but you did. You so did. You deserved to have that toxic figure out of your life. You deserve to not be tied to him in any way. It really ******* sucks but at least he's not dragging you down anymore. Maybe someday he'll regret losing your amazing self or maybe he won't ever look back. Either way he doesn't deserve another ounce of concern or caring from you, love.


Ouch, you are probably better of without him.

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So sorry, OP. I'll bet you're better off without him.

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Because repeating exactly what the person above you said is just so productive.

Because being rude is just so productive.

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Because being an ass to people on an app used by everyone to waste time is just so productive.

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I'm so sorry OP. He really doesnt deserve you though, you'd be better off without him. And hey, a new possible father figure??

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jeez 89, that profile pic makes this 100 times better haha

Good riddance. Believe me op, when you start to get a job, home, and start living your own life, he will regret that decision.

Sounds like you know the op personally. What if already has all of those things? If he doesn't then maybe that's why the father disowned him in the first place.

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He's a sack of garbage. So irresponsible of him to have a kid and do something that horrible.

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I'm just a bit curious as to why exactly the father wanted to disown him. Not saying it's op's fault, I'm just curious.

really dont know the story here. it could be ops fault.

Maybe he didn't want the kid to begin with but you can't get out of it if the woman decides she wants to carry it to term.

So he achieved his dumbass goal good for him, now set a goal to be everything he's not, work your ass off to be successful and become a better person and never let him back into your life when you become successful. **** him.

What if his dad is the ceo of a reputable company and op is a lazy slacker?

A lazy slack off still isn't really a reason to disown your child. Maybe OP is a crazy, racist neo-nazi hell bent on killing off man kind? Would the father still be a dumb ass then?

Then work harder, be better.. take over the god damn company and fire his dumb ass.

And play a children's trading card game.

I'm curious to know what you did to him that, first he wanted to disown you and second he even achieved it! I don't know how it is in the US, but in my country the person you want to disown have to do alot of bad things to convince the judge to approve of it...

The court system in the United States isn't very dependable. I've given up on it after a decade of trying to move out of my father's house.

It's possible that he didn't do anything to merit this. I have a friend whose dad tried to disown her. Her parents are divorced and he had no involvement in her life anyways; he just didn't want to have to pay child support. People don't automatically become a saint when they have a child.

Some people don't to be provoked in any way to be assholes. They just are. Believe me, that is the case here- OP certainly didn't catalyze this.

I vehemently agree with your first statement, #46. However, I'm not sure how you can be so sure of the second unless you know the OP personally. As another commenter pointed out, the court is only supposed to grant those requests when they're warranted (though there are some pretty questionable judges around, too, so there are No problem guarantees.)

#55 I thought so myself, but a glance at #46's profile may say otherwise. This is allegedly OP's (_kyleG_) girlfriend.

Damn, KyleG! That's heartbreaking news.

Kyle is a beloved member of our FML community. Let's lend him strength like the spirit bomb.

it's alright, you don't need any sort of relations to assholes like him, much less legal ones where he may extort money or other things from you. you're going to be so much happier without him anyways. best wishes for an independent and happy life ahead :)

Ouuuch, he'll regret doing so sooner or later. Hopefully.