By Peeves - United States
Today, my eight-year-old brother told his classmates that I have cancer. Nope, just really bad acne. FML
Peeves_fml tells us more :
OP here! My brother legitimately believed that having acne is the same thing as having cancer, but after a good talk with him about the difference between a normal teenage phenomenon and a life-threatening disease, I think he's straightened out his vocabulary terms. Oh, the bliss of being baby-faced and blemish-free! I told him he was lucky that he wouldn't have to worry about any skin problems for several years.
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  Ltsdragons  |  19

#18 yeahhhhh no, he's only eight, he obviously didn't know any better and believe me my brother used to scare me like that when I was a kid, it's really not nice and then the kid gets mad and your relationship generally doesn't improve

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

My little brother is currently 9, and trust me, they know better at that age. they're not innocent, ignorant little babies by that age. People seem to be babying kids until they're older and older these days... by the age of six kids pretty much know what they're doing.