By dafuqdidihear - 11/08/2012 06:53 - Canada - Brampton

Today, my boyfriend cutely climbed through my bedroom window for some sexy time. He decided he'd introduce bondage. As I was tied to the bed, completely naked, we heard the front door open. He got scared and left via the window, leaving me handcuffed to my bed. FML
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dafuqdidihear tells us more.

I'm the original poster. He left, scared that my roommate would come in... I don't live with my parents and I'm most definitely not too young for sex, if I may say so myself. I live in a two story with a large tree in my backyard (hence how he managed to enter my room). He didn't want my roommate seeing him because my roommate just about despises my boyfriend. She'd snap, had she seen him. The last time they had an encounter was in a supermarket and she gave him a black eye. Long story. So he left... Leaving my roommate to wonder why I was tied to a bed at 1am, alone and naked. My answer to why was funny though.. I told her I didn't know why I was tied to a bed, nor naked. I said I woke up that way a while ago and screamed for help but nobody came, so I decided to merely wait for her. lol. She was creeped out and now she won't sleep in her room without her window and doors locked.

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That's when you curry climb through his window, tie him to his bed, leave him there naked and mockingly laugh at him before you "get scared" and leave him there(: If ya know what I mean;D

The other guy says, "I like that you got started without me!"


Aww that sucks dude

It does. That is why it is on FML. Also, it is a girl, not a dude.

You don't say?!?

You gotta ask yourself.. If she was handcuffed to the bed.. And he ran out and left... How did she get out of the cuffs?..

13- OP's a wizard>:D

That would be nice... Because the alternative is the parents helped..

Or that the pussy boyfriend lingered around to make sure the coast was cleared and came back to uncuff the OP. Cross your fingers that the parents (or whomever) didn't go into the OP's bedroom.

real fucking cute

21 - Females are witches.

I heard it was hard to take a quick glance at the gender symbol on an fml...or at least just freakin see the blue or pink.

She's a Dudit! (I think thats how you spell it) -_-

90, I think it's spelled dudette, either way I much prefer being called a dude!

For me, it doesn't matter what gender people are. I'll call anyone dude. And I'd kick someone in the shin if I were to be called "dudette".

11 - your profile pic totally matched your tone just then

11- I call girls dudes all the time. Duddette is stupid.

80- Go to hell.

I don't understand why some girls force you to call them dudettes. I call the dudes anyway.

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What the actually fuck does that have anything to do with FML? Nothing at all.

Who gives a fuck?! Everyone loves shark week!

Yet, I fail to see the bright side... In my opinion, OP deserved this, if the people that came in were her parents and her boyfriend had to sneak in through the window tells me she's not old enough to be having sex, (which does not stop most people) let alone bondage, but I hope he actually came back to help you otherwise it would've been an awkward situation between you and your parents, or whomever came in.

Hey 94, I'm 19 and I still live at home. Times are tough and it's cheaper to live at home, and helps them out since I help with bills. Am I also too young for sex? If I had failed to ask if my gf could come over, for any reason, while they were out, she'd be sneaking out too.

105- I think the main point was the sneaking in/out, not the living at home. I'm also 19 and living with my dad. But I can invite whoever I want over, whenever I want. As long as I tell him, he doesn't care, because he knows I'm a responsible adult. If you're sneaking people in/out for any reason, there's a problem, and maybe you're not mature enough to be having sex even if you are old enough.

What a douche.

Why was he thumbed down its true!

Because he is stating the obvious

.....he's a pussy and a jerk. Dump him.

Sounds like just a scared teenage boy to me...

Wasn't expecting anyone stupid enough to comment "dump him" - the internet proves me wrong again...!

Fml dictionary: Boyfriend(N): A man that you're in a relationship with until he makes any kind of mistake. If just one thing he does isn't perfect, dump his ass. >As defined by FML commenters

I hate people who scream "DUMP HIS ASS" because most of people who say that on here don't have a boyfriend or a perfect relationship--but in this case, even Chris "Choke Down" Brown would love to tell OP's boyfriend to kick rocks.

also, the guy climbed through her window just so they could be together, I think he's worth it. (I wish my boyfriend would do the same!) just because he's easily scared doesn't mean he's a douche. cut him some slack

So true! Just because he does ONE thing wrong doesn't make him a bad boyfriend. She was probably referring to the whole someone left me naked and now I have to ask for help. I mean yes I would be pissed off but I mean come one everyone take a freaking chill pill!

66- That was beautiful.

That's when you curry climb through his window, tie him to his bed, leave him there naked and mockingly laugh at him before you "get scared" and leave him there(: If ya know what I mean;D

How does one curry climb? Whilst holding curry, or acting like curry?

25- I'm on my phone and I meant "cutely" but I forgot the "L" so it auto-corrected it to curry LOL. *Cutely

Your having an interesting time with your autocorrect today huh?

I think you mean you're...

42- It's like this everyday.....:/

The other guy says, "I like that you got started without me!"

Dear diary, jackpot. Giggity.

Sonicgreg, you're a funny guy.

Wow he scares easily. Wonder how you got out of that one

Cuff him next time and leave for a bit?

Be suspicious anytime a man suggests bondage. Only let men tie you up who you know will untie you when you're finished.

Or, if you're flexible enough, keep a shiv clenched between your butt cheeks, so that if he does leave, you aren't in an awkward position!

That's definitely an awkward position if he decides to try anal though.

That's when you tell him it's a present, and maybe throw in an enthusiastic, '....Surprise!'

That's when you tell him it's a present, and maybe throw in an enthusiastic, '....Surprise!'

Brilliant. I may try that tonight!! Heh

You ate truly my favorite, Noor. Truly.