By ishred1111 - 06/11/2015 07:39 - Canada - Vancouver

Today, my boyfriend called. He said he would sing me a song, like I'd wanted for a long time. I was excited, but surprised at his song choice. He sang 'Locked Away' by R. City ft. Adam Levine. Turns out, he was calling me from jail. He thought this was romantic, and expected me to bail him out. FML
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Thanks for all the funny comments! They made me feel better when I'm not actually feeling that great, considering what my boyfriend turned out to be like.... Speaking of which, I totally agree with most of you. Yes, I hung up on him and no, I did not bail him out. I think his sister did in the end. His fate and what he actually did to get arrested are unknown to me, honestly I just knew we were done the second he finished the song and then said 'so, babe, can you bail me out?' Never thought he could be like this. Very disappointed in him. But still thoroughly impressed at his singing (he recited it perfectly). :) thanks guys!!

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Mcstud1y 30

If he is only like that when he desperately needs you, you should probably rethink your relationship.

Update update: he called again and I did hear him out. However he did not go to jail for some trivial reason. he tried steal a police car while drunk. And yes he does only tend to do things like that when he needs a favor. Suffice to say we are done and over. And thanks to one of the commenters above, I did sing 'we are never ever getting back together' to him!


Drop the quotation marks. Then drop the rest of your comment.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Well, did you? Lol jk that's quite immature of him

Only if he said he loved her for the first time.

If you ever have to put "lol jk" in a comment, don't bother sending it

Mcstud1y 30

If he is only like that when he desperately needs you, you should probably rethink your relationship.

FML commenters are always telling the OP to break up with their partners, I personally found this quite funny and would laugh. Obviously the exception being a serious offence committed by the boyfriend

addioty 19

29, are you crazy? OP doesn't need a lowlife.

Just because you have been to jail doesn't make you a lowlife. People make mistakes.

If I were in this situation of the OP I would laugh, then say "yeah... no" when asked to bail them out of jail.

addioty 19

Yeah, stealing a police car while drunk makes you a lowlife.

Maybe he's uncomfortable singing. I don't think he should have to sing.

Well would you still love him the same ?

aww cute romeo jk do not bail him out :)

Maybe you should start singing him the Folsom Prison Blues

lexiieeex3 32

To be completely honest, it wasn't going to go well any way he told you. At least you got a song out of it.

leogachi 15

@9 He only sang to her because he wanted something from her. Under those circumstances the song becomes meaningless.

"A heart so true. Our courage will pull us through. You teach me and I'll teach you.. Pokeemonnn!"

It's not so romantic, but defiantly very clever use of the song.