By jennaaa01 - United States - Somers
Today, I had knee surgery. I have to wear these lovely compression stockings, and going to the bathroom is really hard since I can't bend my knee at all. I ended up getting pee all over the stockings, but I can't take them off. FML
jennaaa01 tells us more :
hey guys, OP here, and thank you all so much for the well-wishes. I forgot to log in before I posted the fml. I had a meniscus repair surgery, actually the second time I've had it done. I'm loving all your puns though. and to those saying to take the stockings off for a short time, my doctor wants me to keep them on until tomorrow, so I'll have had them on for a full two days. I'm not allowed to shower yet, seeing as my surgery was yesterday and he wants me to wait 48 hours.
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By  Tripartita  |  44

Congrats, you're living in the black-and-white portion of the informercial from before the super handy product is introduced. My guess is it's some sort of piss-concentrating funnel.


After I had my knee surgery (meniscal repair and total ACL reconstruction), I had to wear compression stockings for a few days afterwards to help prevent clots. I couldn't bend my leg at all for at least 6 weeks, it was awful. The OP probably isn't allowed to take their stockings off either.

By  booman342  |  13

Ignoring all the piss puns, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. Think of it like this: You'd be in much more suffering if you didn't have the surgery, and ideally when you recover it will be worth it. Get better!