jennaaa01 tells us more.

hey guys, OP here, and thank you all so much for the well-wishes. I forgot to log in before I posted the fml. I had a meniscus repair surgery, actually the second time I've had it done. I'm loving all your puns though. and to those saying to take the stockings off for a short time, my doctor wants me to keep them on until tomorrow, so I'll have had them on for a full two days. I'm not allowed to shower yet, seeing as my surgery was yesterday and he wants me to wait 48 hours.

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Congrats, you're living in the black-and-white portion of the informercial from before the super handy product is introduced. My guess is it's some sort of piss-concentrating funnel.

Could you ask for another pair?


That's what friends are for!

I'm not sure you fully grasp what's going on here... Wrong FML maybe?

I assume they mean to have a friend help them to remove the stocking since they obviously can't do it themselves.

I think OP can physically take the stalkings off, they're just not supposed to. But I don't know anything about knee surgery, so I could have read it wrong.

After I had my knee surgery (meniscal repair and total ACL reconstruction), I had to wear compression stockings for a few days afterwards to help prevent clots. I couldn't bend my leg at all for at least 6 weeks, it was awful. The OP probably isn't allowed to take their stockings off either.

I'm sorry urine so much pain.

Yeah FYL but try to ask for someone to help you in your situation

Shit (or piss) happens. We can only deal with situations as best as we can. Odor eliminators (sprays) work wonders.

this is where febreze comes in handy

I hope you get to feeling better, OP. Pain is no fun, and it makes everyday tasks an absolute nightmare.

Id be pretty pissed if I were you

Wait til you have to take a number 2 without bending your knees

Ignoring all the piss puns, I wish you the best of luck in your recovery. Think of it like this: You'd be in much more suffering if you didn't have the surgery, and ideally when you recover it will be worth it. Get better!

Could you ask for another pair?