FML - The follow-up
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OP here. Just to clear something up: The shower head is new. It was put in two weeks before my leg ended up in a cast. So I hadn't bothered to fiddle with it before, thus why I didn't know that it had that option. And I've been whining about it for 4 months, and he just now decided to tell me. Ah, love my brother. And to someone who said to give him a break, I am. I just glared at him for 10 minutes before letting it go.
By Ixiion - / Wednesday 9 October 2013 17:26 / United States - Bay Shore
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  imyy  |  26

I don't think it's the brother's fault. Maybe he thought she knew but preferred to shower that way? And how did he know how she showered anyways?

  jw90  |  26

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  JtPv  |  47

I admit it... When I was younger I would take the shower head... And see how much water I could fit in my mouth. For the shits n giggles. Why? What were you thinking?

  Zebediabolical  |  37

How is it the brother's responsibility to teach OP how to use a shower? It's not that hard. We've got one of those as well and the day it was installed and usable, I played with the knobs so I could figure out temperature and pulse controls. Seriously. It's not that hard.

  Ixiion_fml  |  34

OP here. It's always wrapped in two bags, duct-taped to my leg. But somehow the water still gets in. I even bought one of those airtight seal-bags specifically for this to put over it, but as my muscles have atrophied, the seal stopped longer sticking to my leg.

  Welshite  |  29

I don't. I spend fifteen minutes fiddling with the stupid knobs because I can't ever remember which way to turn to make it hotter. Hehe. Fiddling with the knobs. ;)

  bruins46  |  29

13 you do know that you need to fiddle with the knob on the *shower* for it to work, right? Maybe that's why you've been having a hard time getting it to work.

By  Mysterious_one  |  31

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  Klick  |  31

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