By rockefoe - 30/06/2010 08:04 - United States

Today, I was studying late and kept hearing weird screeching sounds from outside. I couldn't figure out what it was and started getting really freaked out. It wasn't until later that I realized it was just my nose whistling. FML
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hahah hate it when that happens :)

lol, happens to me sometimes xD Except I figure it out rather quickly, when it starts to follow me around xD


hahah hate it when that happens :)

islandjew247 0 that's just gross. ♥

thts disgusting!! lol and weird

I know what u mean my booger was coming in and out

How is this an fml... just blow your nose or something. Big deal.

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You probably have too much nose hair/boogies XD Or you're fat and your 'breathing pipe' is squished by the excess weight causing that whistling noise. EW EW EW :)

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Lol that's just sad. But nose whistling is really fun :D

OR maybe the OP's sinuses were inflamed.

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you are messe up good sir

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do u eat a lot of big macs ? o.o

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hahaha WTF  thats just weird 

fakeking2 0

u must eat a lot of big macs

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lol @ 12

k that's kinda gross a little.... and how/why is this even an fml?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Not really an FML. If you have sinus troubles, then it's normal. Or just a stuffy nose. I don't think being fat is what causes your nose to whistle, though. Cos when you get pudgy your nostrils don't get huge. :P

happens to me all the time;D

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You know, Emoji only works on the iPhone... Really annoying trying to comprehend that while on my computer.

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U GAY!!!

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57 - Then if you know that, don't tell me your annoyed because then you wouldn't even bother wasting your time tryin to read it on your computer. problem solved dumbaz.

JasonJ 5

34 & 38 win ^^

ok I don't know what to think of this anymore. 1. nobody can be that big of a ratard. 2. the moderators can't possibly believe this to be real. 3. my post get deleted shortly. 4. I will get an email saying my comments hinder the entertainment for others. 5. I will tell them to go **** right off. 6. I won't care because I deleted the application shortly after writting this. 7. the stupid things that get approved on this are fail. 8. **** you fml

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^ Ratard alert. Good riddance.

haha i think you are. its spelt RETARD..

Noses can also make a scratchy/whistling sound when you're nose is stopped up.. it's called bad allergies.. not really a fyl or a ydi

ArtIsResistance7 1

@73 - I was poking fun at 69 who said "no-one is that ratarded".

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ydi for being "nosy"

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#70 FAIL.

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that's happens to me all the time!! XD

wow 12 really? u don't have to be fat for ur nose to whistle but op haha I know I hate wen that happens

sugarr0babby0 0


And that story was a pile of 

it happens to the best of us. usually when ur starting to get sick or its really cold outside... heres a little tip: BLOW UR NOSE

Jesus! how do you not notice that?!

sukhdeep 4

3rd! agrreed 2!

it's actually hard to distinguish because it doesn't happen often enough that you imediatly recognize it as your nose whistling when you breath in/out. this has happened to me before pretty much same situation. you start to assume it's something your doing then you hear it happen when you breath.

Hahah How could you not notice the strange feeling in your nose?

you don't feel anything it's caused by the perfectly shaped boogernor blockage in your nose to make a faint whistling sound how has this not happened to so many other people

ew that's werid. your nose whistles FYL.

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That's Lexa's picture..

Picture thief..

lol, happens to me sometimes xD Except I figure it out rather quickly, when it starts to follow me around xD

this comment made me LOL

haha eww someone has dry boogies :p

ArtIsResistance7 1

The nose knows...exactly how to freak you out. I see your brain-nose coordination is slightly off today. Maybe you should take a nap, and shut that olfactory down for the night.

ArtIsResistance7 1

:P That was a suspenseful pause.............pendatik.

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You thought the noise was coming from outside but really, it was coming from your nose? YDI

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Your fat looking.. xD

55 you're a bitch!

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Yay adtr :] and don't worry, you're not fat looking, you're beautiful.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Her fat looking what..?

ScreamForCandy 0

99; ehh I don't even see where she got that from, she doesn't look fat at all. That was just mean :p