By luvonsarah - 14/08/2012 17:27 - United States - Beaverton

Today, I was out drinking with some friends in a Safeway parking lot, when I saw a familiar-looking vehicle pull up beside us. It was my dad, who angrily got out and demanded that I come home. I'm twenty-four, and now the laughing stock of my social circle. FML
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Hey there! I am the OP. A few things I'd like to address: I was only visiting my parents. I do have my own place. I stayed out a little later than I thought I would and they got worried. The bar (in which we were drinking) is in the same parking lot as Safeway. We stepped out to grab some vitamin water and smoke a cigarette.

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Number one: Why were you drinking in a Safeway parking lot?!? Number two: At least he cares about you...?

Time to move out! Think of all the positives, no grounding, no midnight bumps in the night (if you know what I mean) and most importantly no interruptions during happy time. Get a place OP, it will July get better.


Time to move out! Think of all the positives, no grounding, no midnight bumps in the night (if you know what I mean) and most importantly no interruptions during happy time. Get a place OP, it will July get better.

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Can parents ground a 24 year old kid? Is that a thing?

As long as you're under their roof, you abide by their rules! But I think they should loosen the leash a little bit if he's twenty four.

Isn't drinking in public illegal though? OPs dad coulda just saved his butt from getting arrested. Unless, OP is actually strange enough to say "out drinking" and not be referring to an alcoholic beverage.

1- my happy time involves my Xbox and some redwater skooma

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Well you're a loser for drinking in a Safeway parking lot, and not having friends who actually own their own place, or you for that matter.

You're 24 and getting drunk in a Safeway parking lot? You've got WWAAAYYYYYY bigger problems than your friends laughing at you.

As long as you are living with your parents, they are still the boss. Don't like it - move out!

#104 My only thought too, op might just be lucky he/she got parents that care

Who the hell gets drunk in a Safeway parking lot anymore? Isn't that something old school to do? I know a bunch of people who are underage and they even drink in houses. You're 24 and drinking in a Safeway parking lot. You have other problems then over protective parents my friend.

Number one: Why were you drinking in a Safeway parking lot?!? Number two: At least he cares about you...?

Number three: how the hell did he know where he was ...?

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Number four, what's a Safeway?

Number five: I think it's an Oregon thing..?

Number eighty-five: I saw an insurance place called Safeway once. Maybe that's what it is?

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Number three hundred ninety-seven, he never even said he was drinking an alcoholic beverage. For all we know, he was drinking a Coke, but his dad's a Pepsi guy.

My friend in Colorado works at Safeway. He told me it was a grocery and drug store, quite like Wal-mart. In layman's terms, it's a grocery chain.

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Safeway is a grocery store. They are are very common in my area, which is Sacramento California.

Safeway is a grocery store. Like Superstore or Walmart, if you buy food from Walmart. EDIT: looks like 44 beat me to it.

Being 24 does not mean that your parents' job is done raising you. As opposed to what most people think, teen age does not end at 19, it varies amongst different individuals, some people turn 30 and they still behave like teenagers. Drinking at a parking lot sounds exactly like the kind of behavior parents teach you not to do. Bottom line, you sound like you still need plenty of parenting and you're lucky you got your dad.

I work at Safeway. It's a grocery/drug store. In the states the also sell liquor. I wish the Canadian stores sold liquor too:(. FML. And ydi for drinking at safeways parking lot.... Anywhere but Slaveway!

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PEOPLE Safeway is a grocery store. In a lot of different states, not just Oregon. And it's "Vons" in Ca, and wherever else there may be a Vons. Same place different name, loser for drinking there!

Yes Safeway is a supermarket, we used to have them in Australia but Woolworths brought them out, now we only have maybe 6-7 in the entire country

#26, Safeway is definitely not an Oregon thing when we used to have them in England. It's a supermarket.

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43 is it weird that in fact my last name happens to be Layman?

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Safeway is a driver's ed place here....

Always a comment on how stupid the comment above it is.

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And then there's a comment like this one. Realizing that the comments should've stopped at 1.

I think next time I make a comment I'll be wide awake. Sorry for this crap guys.

Obviously some parents just don't get the fact that kids grow up X_X. OMG how embarrassing

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If he still lives with his parents and drinks with friends in a grocery store parking lot, he certainly hasn't grown up much.

Today I am going to start each conversation with; today I was drinking with my friends in a Safeway carpark.... Classic.

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And this is why you don't drink in public. Keep it in the back alleys and basements next time.

At least your dad loves you OP. From now on drink in a bar or at a friends house. Better yet, move out and drink in your own crib.

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I get the feeling op's social circle doesn't include anyone with their own place or enough money for a bar tab. The people who drink in parking lots around here make most of the homeless look high society.

Since when has drinking in a bar been classier than anywhere else? Bars are loud annoying places full of assholes, perverts and idiots. Those who aren't looking to **** something are looking to start a fight to assert their alpha male status... I really cannot fathom how people who think drinking in bars is a good thing can have any sense of superiority over anyone. Social drinking does not imply getting drunk, and honestly I can't understand what the big deal is. Most normal people care more about the company they're with than the location, and if that's where your night ends up then so be it? I've found myself hanging out with my friends at the end of the night in a car park somewhere plenty of times, we may not have been drinking but I see no difference there.

TheDrifter 23

You're going to the wrong sort of bars. My local pub is just workaday folks relaxing over a drink. Its not a meat market or an mma match, just a neutral spot to socialize with people from the neighborhood without the constraints of social cliques or awkwardness of going alone to an arranged function.

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Clubz an barz be difarnt thengz brah

189, There are very few places like that around here. None that I'm aware of anywhere near where I live, sadly all bars these days are shifting toward the "club" atmosphere which attracts all the freaks.

Drinking in a Safeway parking lot? Classy.

It's where all the cool kids hangout these days.

#13, empahasis on "kids." OP is 24, but acting like one.

Had the op said "14", I'd still say ydi but his whole social group deserves to be laughed at if they're 24 and drinking in a parking lot. What was the topic of conversation -pokemon?

Why the **** were you drinking in a Safeway parking lot?

Well, you buy your alcohol at safeway, but they dont let you drink it inside. Go out to the parking lot. Problem solved.

Talk about over protective parents. Sorry OP, but im guessing you still live with your parents if your dad demands you to come home. Move out so you can live your own life. Then you can drink as many safeway parking lots you want;)

10, in most states "open container" in a public place or on private property (not belonging to/rented by you) will get you arrested...Safeway usually has a 0 tolerance of people drinking in their parking lots...please don't encourage stupidity.

He was trying to get you to come home because you turn into an ogre at night. He's just trying to save you from more humiliation, OP!

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I see your attempt at humour, however, I unfortunately did not appreciate it. But I give you an 'E' for effort.