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I wouldn't say she's jealous. I would say she's comin eating her without make up. It's a backhand compliment. She saying she looks okay without it but when she does do it could do it better.

  sweetnsourrr  |  11

Maybe she's one of those girls who don't wear make up feel superior than those who do. Some girls are just harsh for no reason sometimes and its not always jealously. It could be that she just doesn't like her personality or the girl is just too damn judgemental.

  capnbzarr  |  43

Look in a dictionary, please. Both "compliment" and "complement" are words, with different meanings. And in this case "compliment" is the correct word.

  Cassmoneyyy  |  15

Well. We can see your ass cheeks in the 3rd photo. It's only a wonder what your facebook looks like. Take it with a grain of salt but also do some reflection.

  zahra_786  |  19

I wouldn't use the fact that she is Muslim as the excuse. I'm Muslim and love wearing make up lol. Perhaps she should have been a bit nicer about it and said something like, 'you're naturally pretty and don't even need make up'.

  cre8tvlylicnsd  |  14

Ummmm... Being Muslim shouldn't excuse her. I'm Muslim and I would never say anything like that to someone. If anything, my religion teaches me that I should respect others in order to respect myself. I'm not perfect, and I make mistakes... But it sounds like your classmate was being unkind. You should talk to her about it.

  Ieri  |  31

She was probably just rude or hates make up, the religion itself isn't against make up. All Muslim and Arabian girls I know love wearing a lot of make up, although mostly when they are in female company. .-.

  sxphysticated  |  17

Don't use Islam as an excuse okay. There are plenty of Islamic women such as myself who do wear make up and not wear a hijab. That woman was just not a great person, but that doesn't mean that the religion she practices has anything to do with it.

  silentxninja  |  13

Well that doesn't mean she should put you down, and force her ideas and beliefs on you. If you feel better and more confident wearing make-up, then who cares what your classmates think? I'm sure you're beautiful with or without makeup. Don't listen to what other people say; just do what makes you happy.

  chocolateteacup  |  24

It's not about the religion per se OP! It's about the individuals opinion...

  kayladayla  |  13

I know I just can't fathom why people can just be so blatantly rude and disrespectful. There is just no excuse for it.. What do you get out of being so bitter? I personally have never experienced any benefits from it, but you need to go off on this bitch OP!