By Anonymous - United States - Smyrna
Today, I was driving back home when I saw a yellow object flying off my roof of my car through the side mirrors. I thought nothing of it, then I noticed that I didn't have my phone with me. That's when I realized that the "flying yellow object" was my phone. FML
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  w0nderwh4t  |  14

maybe he didnt have pockets and had his keys in one hand and something else in the other, he couldn't open the door without putting his phone on the roof

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

What are you on about? it doesn't say anywhere on the Op's post how he posted it. I'm using the app and it honestly does not say, I used to use the website before I got my smart phone.


Actually, that's incorrect #34. By putting "who don't know there's a website" in commas, it becomes an appositive phrase, suggesting that all phone users are unaware that there is a website. #3's comment was correct. By putting the phrases together, it only talks about the phone users who specifically do not know that there is an FML website and not just the app.


Yes it does. Putting a comma after a subject, like "all the people in my school, who are boys, play sports" vs. "all the people in my school who are boys play sports" are 2 completely different sentences. So saying "all the phone users, who don't know there is a website." Is making the claim that all phone users don't know there is a website.