By cassie0216 - United States - Chula Vista
Today, my mailman refused to deliver my mail for an undetermined amount of time, because my 8 year-old, arthritic dog, who can barely walk, "made him feel threatened." FML
cassie0216 tells us more :
The fact is, my wife was in the front yard with my dog when this happened. She apologized that my dog was in the way and the mailman still refused to give her the mail. I totally understand the position of the mailman. And I did actually move my mailbox last night. I'm just upset with the way he handled the situation because we try our best to keep the dogs in our back yard around the time the mail is going to be delivered. It just happened that my dog really had to pee!
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Although I do agree that the mailman is being ridiculous, I am curious about the size and breed of OP's dog. I have a black lab who is about 10 years old and all she ever wants to do is eat, sleep, get petted and sleep more and she's the kindest dog, but people are scared of her because she's a big dog. She's so slow that if she wanted to hurt someone they could just fast-walk away, but her size intimidates people, especially young children. If the dog is a big dog, I could see how it might make the mailman uncomfortable, but really, the smaller dogs are the real trouble.

  amourmourant  |  18

He also may be afraid of dogs. A phobia of sorts. Not a very rational thing.

But maybe he was attacked by a dog delivering mail before and now he's scared.

Speaking as someone who is terrified of certain types of dogs, I can understand where the guy is coming from.

  JohnTheDonJuan  |  11

How do you expect the mailman to know the age of your dog, whether or not it has arthritis, and it's ability to move? Yeah it sucks but in his eyes, your dog could be a legitimate threat.

  cloudyface  |  23

Actually it's in the rules that they're allowed to do that if there is any dog put out and they feel the least bit threatened they don't have to deliver your mail so I don't think the manager will do very much.

By  cheeeksss  |  29

I'm certain you can file a complaint and show evidentiary support on your poor dog. Some people find stupid excuses for not doing their job, it pisses me off. I feel terrible for your doggy though ):

By  butterfli_murt  |  3

give your dog liquid colorad. it sooths their pain and helps lubracste joints. it tskes about two weeks to work but the results are amazing. my dogs who were 12 were wanting to go every where and trying to act like puppies ^3^