By punaise ... - 05/12/2014 02:12 - France - Marchaux

Today, to avoid walking on a thumbtack that had fallen on the floor, my little sister took a red sharpie to the carpet and drew a circle around it, "so that way, everyone will see it." FML
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Well you did see it

Little sisters have this wonderful way of looking out for everyone else, even at the cost of the things around them.


Well you did see it

I assumed OP's parents may have told her not to play with them or something like that.

kirigaiku 15

That's better than stepping on the thumb tack lol...

Why not just pick it up?

#46 that what I'm thinking but maybe it's stuck or something

But just because her sister didn't step on it and drew a red circle around it doesn't mean op didn't step on it because well that's the point Of this fml

#62 - No, I don't think it is.

Little sisters have this wonderful way of looking out for everyone else, even at the cost of the things around them.

Little sisters looking out for people? Mine would have put the tack there, and if nobody stepped on it, pretend to do so herself and then blame me for the tack being there. Idiotic events like this are a daily occurrence for me.

PresidentNorth 16

More like. Megan.....

Hey, that's adorable....but I hope no one stepped on it!

I don't see the point when she could have just picked it up.

Depending on her age, she could have been scared to. I could see a 5 year old doing this for that reason.

That's some sharp thinking. Her tacktics were just so unusual.

What's ur point #20

She's just protecting everyone's feet.

PresidentNorth 16

Who's protecting the carpet from her?

Yes, she's very thoughtful ☺. All though someone could have picked it up.

Better than having blood stain the carpet if you didn't see it..

Except blood might be easier to clean than a sharpie.

Well no sharpie is pretty easy to clean

Well at least she was thoughtful.

Could've been worse my cousins(basically my sister/brother) would've buried the tack down in the carpet just to watch people step on it.

PresidentNorth 16

There's a special place in hell for those types of people. Man I'm paranoid to walk around now.

Good intentions! But goodluck getting that out of the carpet ?

Acetone should help. It shouldn't hurt the carpet, but should be tested first.

Op could also give the carpet a haircut and cut the red pieces down if nothing else works. I've removed black nail polish that way, but it was only a small spot and didn't go very deep.