By firethorn - 20/06/2011 05:57 - United States

Today, I opened my Father's Day present from my mother-in-law. It was a glamor shot of her. FML
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She sounds lovely. Flip her off for me will you?

CRrawsum 7

Atleast she got you something...


CRrawsum 7

Atleast she got you something...

OP got a boner when he looked at that.

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Be glad that she got you something. To show that you really care for the gift have it framed and give it to her for Christmas.

theten_fml 9

use it to scare the mice away!

not tell you and thumb you down? lol that made me giggle :)

sourgirl101 28

"Glamor Shots" is a photo company that not only takes your picture but they have outfits to choose from and they have people there that will do your make up for you. My mom did it once and she looks like a completely different person in her picture.(:

I've had some done, they do your hair and makeup and you pick the different outfits you want, it's pretty cool, I could change my picture to one if you'd like to see what it looks like

there I changed it to one of my glamour shots

what a shitty present. I'd rather receive nothing than some crappy glamour photo.

is she hitting on him, or is she just weird?

@ number 16 - it's a nude/ semi nude photo but done tastefully, so it's not called ****

swimchica22 0

dirty minded. it obviously shows he ain't so thrilled that he got that as a present.

You don't want us to tell you? You just want to be thumbed down? Well... If you insist...

ghm1234 0

a present is a present. a crappy present at that but a present.

go buy yourself something.. with her money

She could've mixed up the presents for the OP and her husband by mistake

that makes alot of sense! I think you've cracked the code!

theten_fml 9

give it to her for her birthday!

Exactly, at least she got you something, no matter how stupid.

Alright? how would you like it if someone bought you proactive, a gym membership, teeth whitener, and possibly some deodorant. would you still think "at least I got something, better than nothing?" note, I'm not saying you need any of this, just a way to make my point clear.

hey_its_kristi 0

I'd rather have no present than a present I hate...

garrettsgirl 0

#20 is right, getting gifts that imply something toward you in a negative way isn't really a gift worth getting. sure u got something but did u really want it?

i highly doubt that OP would like the tought that was put into this =D

a_nutritionist 10

if someone got me those things id be quite happy...theyre pretty much what ive got on my list for christmas this yr... everyone could do with whiter teeth, and i cbf getting it myself since i cant validate it enough to do it and would be somewhat embarrassed extend my gym membership, hell yeah, those things cost hundreds of dollars deodorant, well, im running low.

RedPillSucks 31

Some people get gifts without any thought at all. My next door neighbor once gave hangers and a pair of (kid size) high heels for my son's birthday party. WTF? Basically it was stuff she was throwing away from her daughters kiddy modeling days. Ofcourse we never spoke to her again...

But, if you got a glamour shot from your mother in law wouldn't you think of it more as just a silly, humorous gift? my ******* god.

hthelittleone 10

A shitty gift is a shitty gift hobolover. I don't mean shitty as bad quality, but as the selfishness of the gift. "My ******* god"--you act like you're such a good person, but then throw this out there... ?

so why am i supposed to message you ;)

I got Proactive for my birthday. Damn.

She sounds lovely. Flip her off for me will you?

duckiecrazy 0

you never know... she could be a milf

the fact that he posted it on here means not plus it's a mother in law no mother in law is hot

yeah totally 50. Think you wife's mother is hot. That's a good marriage I see there.

RedPillSucks 31

MILF Mother In-Law is Fat ??

Unless it's retaliation for the pic of the grandkid he gave her for Christmas.

DropDeadSerena 0

Hey,its better than nothing i guess

Is your mother in law your daughter? No but seriously, it's the thought that counts!

Target practice. Or a dartboard. I'm sure you can find a use for it.

or put that pic on top of ur head like 9

Reminds me of an old episode of 'Married With Children' where AL would carry around a photo of his mother in law. Whenever he needed to resist the urge to have sex he just looked at the photo and BAM, problem solved.

frankgrimes 4

haha that was some funny sheet! al bundy is hilarious