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Today, while working as a hostess, one of my tattoos on my leg was showing. It's not uncommon for guests to comment on tattoos as we're high end and I'm one of two staff members with visible tattoos. What is uncommon is an elderly lady hiking up my skirt for a better view. I flashed everyone. FML
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OP here! Thanks for all the comments and concerns. To make this shorter I've already answered specific questions directly. She was a really nice lady and thought my hand tattoos (flowers,) were nice and just wanted to see the rest of the hidden one she noticed. After she realized just how far up my leg it went, and how high my skirt had been pulled she did back away. I could be mad at her but really I just see it as a funny story to tell, no harm was meant and she meant it as a compliment in her own way. She did tip me, and it helped my business at least since other customers felt bad for me and over tipped me. ;) Keep the jokes coming, I think they're all great!

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What a bitch! Why would she do that in front of everyone without asking you first?

Yeah that's not okay. That being said old people give no *****. Sorry for the awkward situation OP.


What a bitch! Why would she do that in front of everyone without asking you first?

This has happened to me before while I was working as a cashier. As I was ringing up a lady at the check out, we were talking about tattoos and the ones we have. She noticed I have one on my chest and proceeded to pull my shirt down to get a better look at it. Some people just forget about boundaries and personal space, or they just don't care. Either way, it is pretty rude. That old woman was wrong to hike OP's skirt up to get a better look, but I'm pretty sure she was just curious. All she had to do was ask for a better look at it, provided OP would be comfortable showing it off.

Yeah that's not okay. That being said old people give no *****. Sorry for the awkward situation OP.

Dude I am soo sorry. I can't imagine the embarrassment.

That is horrible, but atleast she wasn't shaming you for having one.

I'd rather a random old lady shit talk my tattoos than expose me to a restaurant full of strangers...

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A comment on the tattoo doesn't necessarily mean it's a negative comment and if the business doesn't have a problem with it then it's fine. Also, you can't blame this on the OP. What should have prevented the lady from being nosy is a respect for other's personal space and knowing that you don't touch anyone without their permission, much less completely pull up their skirt.

14, I'm not at all disagreeing with you. You are right with everything you said. My suggestion to cover up is just based on the fact that in that high class environment the tattoo obviously sticks out. Covering it might just make OP blend in better with the rest of the stuff, and this is still a desicion that OP needs to make.

Someone shouldn't change their dress code simply because other people can't mind their own business. Is this Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately opaque pantyhose are too similar to leggings in appearance, which are strictly against our dress code, but my GM has made an exception now since this has happened. I understand where you are coming from, but even with sheer pantyhose it's only an extremely small portion of the tattoo that shows and so far she's the only one to have noticed it even existing.

OP, thank you for NOT misunderstanding me *glances at downvotes* It sounds like you are in a very healthy work environment. There are types of pantyhose that are not totally "legging look" opaque but don't let a lot of skin show through, if you can find those, they might work best, then?

I don't know anyone who wears pantyhose to work these days. Even people who work in offices tend to have bare legs.

#37, you must live in perpetual summer. When temperatures are freezing and you want to wear a skirt, you wear pantyhose. Otherwise, have fun with recurring bladder infections.

I love my tights and pantyhose. I wear them every day to work. It means I don't have to shave my legs, and they are kept much warmer in the snow and wind.

at the hospital I work in of the women want to wear skirts and not have their legs get too hot they have to wear panty hose because of possible exposure risks and this is the office people.

Just out of newfound paranoia I now use opaque. Maybe some day I will go more sheer, definitely not any time soon though. And for #37, most people nowadays don't wear pantyhose, unless it's for a little more warmth or practical reasons. I wish I could go bare leg, it'd be much cheaper, but unfortunately I have super sensitive skin which gets really irritated from being bare.

Isn't that a little bit drafty and a little bit risky "going commando" just in case your skirt doesn't always stay down for some reason as in this example?

I have an extremely tight fitting A line skirt that has never ridden up since I bought it, unfortunately I was running late for work that day and figured that alone would be enough. Since then I have not had an issue but still make sure to grab underwear just in case.

Ya, I have no idea how you have the guts to go commando in a skirt! Granted, I couldn't go commando in pants, but a skirt just seems way too risky. It's Murphy's law isn't it? Lol. If the lady didn't pull your skirt up you probably would've tripped on some spilt water and landed with your legs in the air. Eek! Definite fyl!

OP: Thx for the prompt reply! Being a dumb male (redundant, I know), what is an "A line" skirt?

it's okay, apparently even as a female I have issues with skirt names. It is not an a-line which is a flare skirt. The one I wear I actually don't know the name of (sorry for mistaking it,) but it's extremely fitted and goes almost to my knees. It's actually pretty difficult to walk in which is why it never occurred to me that it'd ever ride up or anything.

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Is that called a pencil skirt?

Yes, it is called a pencil skirt

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That sounds embarrassing, OP. FYL

Stuff like this never happens when I go out to eat. I just end up getting dry steak, and a male waiting on me every time.

Maybe she wanted a little peek at what you had going on underneath ;)