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Today, I took my AP US History exam. For some reason, my school let the school nurse proctor the exam. She read the instructions for the wrong test and told us to seal up our tests, despite having another section left in that book. She wouldn't listen to us when we tried to tell her. FML
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soccerswim20 tells us more.

Yes, we did all get to retake the exam. Our principal called the College Board and told them what happened, and they said we could either skip the section in the now sealed book wait until the next testing date. We decided to wait and took a different version of the test. And the second time our school counselor proctored so there were no problems! So moral of the story, if something the test proctor is telling you seems wrong, SPEAK UP.

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Tell the teacher and maybe you'll get to take it again. If everyone's missing the same section, something is obviously wrong.


Tell the teacher and maybe you'll get to take it again. If everyone's missing the same section, something is obviously wrong.

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Yeah, I'd go to the teacher or principal and get it straightened out. If the whole class missed the same parts, and if you have many kids from the class go with you to sort it out some sort of solution should come from it!

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Maybe I'm looking at this situation differently as an adult than as a high school student (it's been too long), but I would've gotten up, left the room, and gotten an adult who wasn't a complete ******* moron to tell her dumbass to let us finish the test. This seems like the type of circumstance where doing something like that would actually be ok and you wouldn't get in trouble. Of course, I'm saying this as an adult. When I was in high school, where they pretty much teach you to respect all authority no matter what, I probably would've sat there too, argued with her a bit, and assumed the situation would somehow get fixed later. Really, really sorry she screwed up your exam, OP, and I sincerely hope there's a way the situation can be rectified. I mean really she seriously ****** all of you up. That is terrible.

I would agree with you, but if you leaving the room during those tests ALL of your answers are void :/

The AP history exams are a nationwide test, much like the ACT/SAT, and schools can only administer them once a year, on a date set by the company that produces the test. It also counts as a college credit, so these kids just lost minimum $600 to take it college... Or gained that amount in debt :/

Plus my school made us pay for the exam, so thats an extra $80 lost.

According to friends who still work with the schools, this week is the make-up (aka last chance this year) week for AP testing, which means that OP probably won't have a chance to retake the test with a competent proctor. OP has a solid case, I think, for getting the school to issue a refund and waive the fees for next year's test period, but the College Board has such a huge stick up its ass that I doubt anything else can be done. And I know this because I was specially trained in the art of administering AP tests when I was still teaching!

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No matter what happens, they can't just finish up the test even though it was the nurse's fault. everyone in the nation must take the exam at the same time to ensure that there isn't any cheating. Their chance is compromised because now someone from a different state could now tell them the scope/focus of the next section (always free response in the case of AP testing). I feel sorry for OP, but that class is getting 1s and 2s.

All AP classes and test are free in my school district.

That's not entirely how AP tests work. The school has no control over the exam. They could ask the company that does for a retake but I doubt that would happen. The college board is very strict about the tests. It's worth a shot though

College board offers a chance to retake the exam for groups who were timed improperly and things of the sort. They will have their scores cancelled if they have already contacted college board about the error.

Not possible. It's an international exam with no make up days, and the school can't change that. The OP is just screwed.

What school in their right mind makes the nurse proctor an exam? That sucks OP. I hope something happens where they let you retake it or something.

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Well, if she's a RN like the one at my school back in the day was, she's probably had more education than most teachers, but I'm guessing she's the type that had a few weeks of training, seeing as school nurses are basically only allowed to call your parents if your sick, and can't administer medical care these days, because everyone is so litigation-happy.

Unless she has a background in education, I'm pretty sure that's against the college board rules. We had that issue at a Catholic school where our Statistics teacher had a degree in Criminology and he wasn't allowed to proctor. I could be wrong, but yeah.

This is an example or bigotry. A common occurrence in the school system or with those with positions of power and LDS

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well, guess you can pray the school gives you a 100 for the screw up...

Unfortunately, it's a nationwide test that counts as college credit if you make a high enough score. This nurse just costed every student there their college credit, and wasted an entire year of school for them. There's nothing any teacher can do about it because it's not graded by the school.

And they only let schools administer it once... Every student nationwide taking it, takes it on the same day, at the same time. It'd take some serious pleading to allow those 20-30 students to take it again, despite the fact that the course is going to cost minimum $600 in college :/

Plus it's an AP exam it isn't a 100 point based test. Better read up on US testing #5

So there IS a difference between a medical exam and an educational exam. Poor Nurse Amy was in over her head.

A written exam is a written exam. Don't degrade nurses because one made a mistake proberly many years after leaving school on something that isn't her role.

OP, if you still can, I'd suggest you try calling the Office of Testing Integrity. My school had to do it last year because one of the AP proctors didn't give enough time for their essays. When things like this happen, it isn't an accurate representation of your knowledge, so hopefully the College Board can fix it. Best of luck!

Sorry to hear that OP! I would suggest letting your teacher know what happened and having them go to the AP organization with that information. When I took that exact test a few years ago our proctor didn't give us the full amount of time for one of the multiple choice sections. Our teacher brought it up with the AP test organization themselves and everyone in my class was given the option to retake the test. It sucks that she messed up and that you would have to retake it to get your correct score, but there are ways to fix it!

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Also there are make-up tests for students who get sick, have a conflicting AP test, etc. The first three weeks in May used to be especially hellish for me when I taught high school for exactly that reason.

Have all the students in the class inform the teacher about what happened, and tell the principal too. They can get the College Board to schedule a second exam if there enough complaints. It'll be a few month before you can take it, but they will give you the option to either void your score or retake it given that it was a proctors mistake. Something similar happened with my AP Spanish Lit exam because of a fire alarm going off, but we did get the option to take it again (even if you are graduating, we had graduate come back and take it so they could get the college credit). Good Luck