By Anonymous - 5/1/2021 05:00

Mr Commitment

  Today, after I caught my (now ex) boyfriend cheating. He told me that it isn't my business if he was seeing other woman, because we didn't had an official relationship. We have been living together in a house we bought, for two years now. FML
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  LishaB23  |  11

My husband and I bought a house together before we were engaged or married. 🤷‍♀️ It works for some, but not all apparently. Also I should add that we've been together going on 13 years.

By  Warp1978  |  13

In England if you've been living together for two years or more assets are seen as joint EG your house. So how's that not permanent?

Time to get some and make his ass jealous.

By  Chazzster  |  20

I do not judge couples who live together without getting married. My wife and I did that for a year before getting married. Adults can do that and it’s nobody else’s business. But if a couple or one of the couple is unwilling to make an “official commitment” to marriage then they are not ready for jointly owned property (or a family). Dealing with a jointly owned house is a big deal, but still minor compared to dealing with children from a failed relationship. Again I am not saying every relationship has to be “official” just that if the couple are not willing to make a commitment to the relationship, then it’s wise to consider that at some point the relationship could be ending.

Obviously OP’s boyfriend is a real jerk and claiming that he had no “official commitment” just means he got caught and was looking for a an excuse for his behavior. This is going to get ugly, either two now disillusioned people who are no longer a couple are going to have to continue for some time living in a shared household or they have to sell the house as quickly as possible which could be a financial problem depending on their local housing market.

  Nhayaa  |  21

So if you never want to get married you shouldn't buy a house with your loved one because the relationship could end? You know it can happen even with that small official piece of paper, right? Because married or not, you won't force someone to stay.